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Top 6 DIY Glitter Nail Art Designs to Try this Season

Do you know what most manicure lovers crave? Besides keeping up with the latest nail trends, they love flaunting glamorous nails for the long haul. And what is the secret ingredient for that oh-so-beautiful nail look? It is glitter! 

With glitter as your main nail art element, you can create plenty of nail art designs. It’s one of the most versatile and fun nail makeup products to play with. Adding a touch of it to your nails can elevate their appearance. 

Many nail artists have been observing the rise in popularity of glitter nail art trends such as iridescent flecks, snowy tips, etc., as they are chic and distinctive.

Thus, if you are looking for some glitter nail art ideas, this write-up will help you out. Furthermore, these nail art designs are quite easy to create! Let’s explore them in detail:

Monochrome French Tip

The French manicure was a big beauty trend in the 90s. But, as the era of retro and vintage fashion is coming back, this nail art design is also experiencing an uptrend again but with a gleaming twist.You can also search with the city; Auckland escorts, Hamilton escorts, Tauranga escorts, South Island escorts, Christchurch escorts, Northland escorts, Central Nth escorts, and Wellington escorts. You can view the latest touring escorts and those under the agency. 

How to apply?

You can get the classic glitter monochrome French tips by painting your nails in the lilac shade or your favourite nail enamel colour and then adding the topcoat of the same glitter nail polish to them.

Shooting Stars

Do you love gazing at the stars? If yes, then what if we told you, their beauty can be engraved right onto your nails? The trick to achieving this is with glitter nail polish.

How to apply?

  • Begin with small silver glitter. 
  • Add two or a coat of something chunkier, like some shiny star rhinestones, to your nails to complete the nail art look.

Holo Drips

Give your nails a touch of holo magic by adding holographic accents to your drip nail look. 

How to apply?

  • Apply a few coats of holographic nail polish and make sure it dries between each coat for complete glitter coverage.
  • Across your tips, paint on pastel drips with a small nail art brush to make the application of the nail makeup product easier.


Bring your bling-bling mode on with the matchy-matchy nail art and give your cuticles the love it deserves. For a pearl-like nail finish, you can try the crystallising and shimmery nail enamel range from one of the leading beauty brands, i.e., Avon. Their Avon True Color Crushed Crystals Nail Enamel Range imparts a 3D jewel-like effect to your nails. Moreover, they are chip-resistant!

How to apply?

  • Flip and reverse the monochromatic french tips glitter nail art as discussed above.
  • Use blue shades to recreate this design, or you can swap out the colour with your preferred nail enamel shade.

Iridescent Flecks

Pastel colours never go out of style. Therefore, glam-update your nails this season with pastel hues and a coat of chunky glitter on top.

How to apply?

  • Apply a base coat of lavender or any pastel nail polish shade.
  • To ensure that glitter shows up on your nails, apply multiple top coats of it to the lavender nail colour coat.
  • If you notice the concentration of too many glitter chunks in one area, you can move them around and get a perfectly even distribution with a toothpick.

Snowy Tips

Snowy tips have always been in trend for their elegant and chic appearance. This glitter accent is perfect for occasions such as family functions and weddings. In this nail art design, every other nail is painted with stark white nail colour and the opposite nails are covered with silver glitter. Additionally, this nail art design works both for short natural nails and long acrylic nails.

How to apply?

  • Add three or more layers of white nail colour shade to your nails to get opaque white nails.
  • Make sure to let each layer dry fully before applying the next layer.

Rock your nail look by following the aforementioned nail art designs. However, if you don’t prefer bold or vivid-coloured glitter nail art, you can always go for nude glitter as it provides a touch of sophistication to your style.


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