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Moving your elderly parents: 7 things you didn’t know

The thought of moving into a new home is overwhelming for all the people in the family whether it is adults, kids, or the elderly. The elderly people in the home are the most affected ones as they have spent a good number of years of their life in the current home. Each corner of the house has some stories to tell to their grandkids. The movement of elderly people cannot be the same as the rest of the family.

Getting in touch with professional Removalists Bankstown will give you the best experience of travelling with elders and few things have been listed of prime importance while moving them and we are not aware of:

  1. Familiarisation- We as adults always thought the kids need to be made comfortable with the new house and its surroundings however; the same goes for elderly people. They should be made to visit the new place and feel comfortable in the new space. If they are too elderly to travel back and forth it is advisable to give a virtual tour of the house and describe to them various areas in the house like the kitchen, bedrooms, balcony, garage, living room, washrooms, and study room.
  2. Slow moving schedule- The movement should not be drastic for them. Give them enough time to soak in and process the new changes that will take place in their life. The slow timeline should be chosen for them with months of packing involved. The sudden movement should not be forced on them otherwise they might become depressed and silent. The body of an elderly person can function slowly so does their mind to process and adapt to new changes hence, a good amount of time should be kept in hand for their movement.
  3. Storage issues- There are chances that the new home doesn’t have enough storage space like the current one they are residing in and has little storage space. You can always help them with the sorting of stuff to pack and get rid of the items that are not used by them anymore. But if they resist, kindly consider looking for a storage facility with the help of a mover rather than hurting their emotions and leaving their things behind.
  4. Involvement- The parents should be involved with the neighbour’s parents or club centre where they can mix up with the people of their age group that can accompany them for the temple visits or a stroll in the evening. Friends are required at every stage in life and leaving behind their decade-old friends is not easy so be extra careful to help them socialise.
  5. Hire professionals- The help of professional Removalists Blacktown can be taken to focus on family and parents rather than being occupied with packaging and shifting. The movers will do their job with efficiency and you can focus on a surprise farewell party for your parents.
  6. Medical check- It is extremely important and urgent to get a complete medical check done before travelling to avoid any adversities on your journey. The medical files and folders should not be kept in the boxes rather they must be handy and carried along with you. It is also important to get in touch with the doctor in a new location where they can be taken during any kind of illness. If any of the parents suffer from any chronic disease extra attention and care must be given to finding the right medical facilities for them.
  7. Preparing the new home- The new home needs to be prepared considering an elderly couple or parent moving in. There are times when they need your help and cannot even call out your name so putting a bell next to them will be convenient for all of you. A walking stool, pot railing, and bathtub railings all should be fitted ahead of their moving in. These minute details make life easier and less dependent on you. The feeling of being dependent on day-to-day activity brings out a little helplessness. That is why making the home friendly enough to be used by aged parents will prove fruitful.

The new place might be more comfortable and full of new amenities but their heart will always belong in the home they have left behind. The time they have spent raising their family and reaching different milestones in life is an altogether different emotion. The family should stand with each other and advance full support in making things easy. A co-operating and understanding family can read each other’s emotions and express love and care. Get a free quote for hiring removalists who will understand every requirement laid down in front of them. Cherish new beginnings full of enthusiasm and fun. Happy and safe family time to you!


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