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Mortgage Agent in Oakville and a Bad Credit to Buy a House

A good credit score can help you with various financial benefits. Plus, you can buy products at the best interest rates with a high credit score. Products that you can buy with such a credit score include credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. Nevertheless, financial prospects may not go in your favour with a low credit score. A mortgage agent in Oakville having good relationships with many lenders can help you get a mortgage with bad credit. Yet, experienced mortgage agents don’t suggest people invest in a  property when the odds aren’t in their favour.

Moreover, many people have no problem in Oakville without owning or leasing a car or having a credit card. However, a large population of Canadians want to own a house and raise their families. They need a mortgage to buy a property in Oakville, but they can’t accomplish this goal, typically with bad credit. 

Can You Buy a House in Oakville with a Bad Credit Score?

Bad credit mortgages are high-risk mortgages and involve financial risks for borrowers and lenders. Still, the world doesn’t end for people with bad credit to buy a house. There are ways they can buy a house with bad credit if they proceed carefully to buy a house. Here are things you can do in Oakville to succeed in buying a house if you have bad credit:

Stay Patient:

Rebuilding your credit score will always go in your favour to search for and acquire a mortgage. Staying patient is important for mortgage borrowers to rebuild their credit score, especially those who have gone bankrupt. Mostly, banks and traditional financial institutions, and mortgage brokers won’t consider a bankrupt case for 2 years at most. Nevertheless, you can take time to improve your finances and ameliorate your credit score.

Find Stable Employment:

Prime lenders can approve a mortgage if you are self-employed or a commission-based worker, like a mortgage agent in Oakville. Nonetheless, lenders will consider you a risky investment for a mortgage if you have undergone a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Thus, you will need to find a stable source of income to improve credit and acquire a mortgage.

Consider Subprime and Private Lenders:

If you can’t wait to rebuild your credit, consider private lenders who deal with borrowers with bad credit. A score of less than 600 means you have no option except to find a private lender. You may also qualify for a mortgage with a bad credit lending institution if your credit score is slightly higher. Nevertheless, you will need to pay a higher downpayment for a mortgage with a private lender, with a high-interest rate. 

Save Money for a Greater Down Payment:

You can take time to save money for a greater down payment. It will make you eligible with a subprime lender to acquire a mortgage. Additionally, it will depict an improvement in your finances and show prime lenders you’re less of financial risk. Greater down payment will make your mortgage payment period shorter to help you choose and make smaller payments. Consequently, it will amortize a high-risk mortgage over a long time.

Improve Credit Score:

Rebuilding the damaged credit score is your best option to acquire a mortgage. Remaining committed and responsible to credit products & financial commitments can help you in doing that. Pay your complete bills on time, pay your full credit statement, and meet the minimum monthly payments. Use a secured credit card if you aren’t eligible for an unsecured credit card until you qualify for it. These things will help you improve your credit score and acquire a mortgage to buy a  house.

Additionally, save more and spend less to acquire a mortgage and buy a home despite having bad or good credit.


You can buy products, such as credit cards, car loans, and mortgages in Oakville with good credit. Acquiring a mortgage and buying a home may not go in your favour with a low credit score. A mortgage agent in Oakville having good relationships with many lenders can help you get a mortgage with bad credit. Although you can’t get a mortgage easily with bad credit. Still, you may succeed in doing so doing the things mentioned below:

  1. Stay Patient
  2. Find Stable Employment
  3. Consider Subprime and Private Lenders
  4. Save Money for a Greater Down Payment
  5. Improve Credit Score

Patrick Romann (https://www.patrickromann.ca/) is an independent Mortgage Agent in Oakville dedicated to helping you build and execute the best mortgage plan with mortgage services.


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