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Moffett Forklift Dealers Give Tips to Prevent Accidents

Most seasoned operational leaders and warehouse personnel know the dangers associated with forklifts. Heavy burdens, potential instability, and human mistake are inherent in forklift operations. There is no method to completely protect a product from every hazard or prevent all potential damage from occurring. If you are a decision-maker in the material handling industry, you may be tasked with finding new and better solutions to lessen these risks. In this blog post by Moffett forklift dealers, we will discuss some typical forklift accidents and protective measures are discussed below.

Tips to Prevent Accidents Given by Moffett Forklift Dealers:

Here are some of the tips given by Moffett forklift dealers to prevent accidents;

Be careful with pedestrians:

Near misses and actual collisions between lifting machinery and individuals walking through a warehouse or distribution facility occur almost daily. Inattentive drivers or malfunctioning machinery are two common causes of accidents. Please ensure everyone in your building knows the potential for accidents and tries to avoid them. Your forklift drivers are careful, and they use signals effectively. Any compromised equipment, hearing, or vision that could lead an operator to miss a pedestrian should be reported promptly. Everyone has a role to play in maintaining order and safety.

Mishandling loads:

Lifting safely requires an appreciation of the physics involved in forklift handling and an awareness of how large or unstable objects are likely to behave. Lift trucks are easily overturned or damaged when heavy products are taken from shelves unsafely. Knowledge and experience, rather than intuition, are necessary to comprehend the relationship between load and lift trucks. Lifting an unbalanced, damaged, or broken weight to the very top of the tower is extremely dangerous, so it’s important to educate operators on the risks involved before they do it.

Falling over:

In most cases, the lift truck driver loses control because they miscalculate the slope angle or the floor’s stability. Qualified drivers will know to avoid driving with a load on the bed or to let it sit too far ahead of the mast when the truck raises or lowers it. Regardless of the lane’s width or the course that must be taken, lift truck operators must exercise extreme caution when driving or parking on slopes and slow down significantly if they must make a turn. Consider getting trucks with sensors built into the foundation and the mast to shift their point of gravity if they sense instability automatically.

Need More Tips from a Company Offering Used Forklift Dealers? Hire Truck Forklifts:

Locating the best Moffett forklift dealer and renting truck forklifts from a respectable company are two of the most important logistics any business can undertake. A reliable supplier like Truck Forklifts should stock various Moffett forklifts to meet customers’ needs. Try to find a dealer like us with a history of happy customers who can wow you with their service, service support, and low prices. Think about the dealer’s experience and knowledge in the field and any available warranties and parts. Finding and working with a trustworthy Moffett forklift dealer will help you meet your material-handling goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to keep pedestrians safe?

Used forklift dealers suggest following these practices;

  • Set up defined walkways, limited zones, and safe crossing locations so pedestrians know where they can and cannot go in the workplace. Make sure your staff knows and follows these rules at all times.
  • Forklifts need to have horns or alarms installed to warn nearby pedestrians that they are in the area. This provides pedestrians ample time to prepare for the possibility of being struck by a forklift.
  • Encourage open lines of communication between forklift drivers and foot traffic. To this end, courses that stress the value of nonverbal cues, including eye contact, hand gestures, and radios/walkie-talkies, should be developed.

How to handle forklift weights?

  • Don’t overload a forklift; each has a specific weight limit that must be respected. Forklift operators must be informed of these weight restrictions and refrain from exceeding them to prevent mishaps.
  • Securing cargo properly: Loads must be properly secured and centered on the forks to avoid movement while being transported. Straps, shackles or clamps can keep the load in position.
  • Ensure the operator’s line of sight is intact when transporting items. To keep your line of sight unobstructed, you may need to back up (carefully).

What are forklift safety tips?

  • Wearing high-visibility jackets, helmets, and safety boots are all essential PPE when driving a forklift.
  • Pay attention to speed restrictions, traffic signals, and yield signs while on the job.
  • Always use a forklift as a staff lift or for anything other than moving heavy objects.
  • Operate and examine forklifts regularly, and notify management of any problems.
  • Under no circumstances should a person operate a forklift while under the effects of alcohol, narcotics, or prescription.

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