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Mistakes in advertising translation

On TV every 20-30 minutes they start showing commercials, sometimes we have already watched a thousand times, but, alas, you cannot escape from this. And since a large number of goods sold on our shelves are of foreign origin, the advertising we watch is mostly foreign. And who is involved in the translation of such videos, really international companies? Naturally not. Such prestigious companies have translators who can do this, but in real life this responsibility rests with those who have acquired the right to represent this company and distribute its products in their country. That is, commercials are the business of our translation agency legal service translation (LST).

                It is clear that the translators on their own will not be able to organize all the work, their activities will be monitored all the time by advertising agencies that are responsible for the quality and timing of execution to the customer. Therefore, they are most interested in a great result. In world practice, there are advertising mistakes that have caused huge losses and the fall of the global brand. Sometimes, due to the translator’s misunderstanding of the meaning and ignorance of the culture of a particular country, the entire company may suffer.

           One of the biggest scandals erupted not so long ago in the United Kingdome, when an automobile company released a new car with the seemingly harmless name “matador”. Nobody even thought that in some languages ​​it means very unpleasant things, namely “murderer”. Therefore, the inhabitants of Latin America deliberately did not buy this model, thereby showing their indignation. 

Agree that driving a “killer” on sometimes dangerous roads is not a good idea. In this case, the translators simply made a legal translation services of this logo, which turned out to be a fatal mistake. If they used some kind of synonym for the American word, instead of “killer”, then the car would be popular, because by all criteria it was quite good. There are several options here, either this is the handiwork of competitors, or the customers did not bother with the choice for a long time. Translation agencies, and preferred the first counter.

The importance of correct translation

            That is why it is important to entrust your affairs to professionals, and not just anyone. If it seems to an ordinary person that there is no great use from translators, then they are deeply mistaken.

The value of computer technology for a translator

The age of typewriters has passed for a long time, now in every office there is the latest technology, adapted to work in any field of activity. That certified transcription are no exception, so to facilitate the work of translators can use different computers.

            Of course, this is primarily a computer. But the choice of such a unit must be approached seriously and wisely, since this assistant should serve for many more years. It is also not worth saving on it, because hours of work at the computer spoils your eyesight, so you need to buy the highest quality option. The most important part of the PC that buyers pay attention to is the keyboard. After the completion of the translation, all employees have long been providing the final version in electronic form, because in this way unnecessary resources and time are not wasted. Therefore, typing should be as fast as possible, and the volumes of orders sometimes exceed 100 pages. In this regard, the technique should only contribute to a quick result and approach your individual characteristics.

            In addition to a computer, the translator must have devices such as a webcam, printer and scanner. The last two elements are necessary for direct work with documents. Every day, employees make many copies and scan papers, so without these devices it is like no hands. As for the webcam, it is needed when working remotely from home. We already know that many translation agencies allow their employees to work in a quiet and comfortable place, so this thing is indispensable for communication with bosses or clients.

Special translation programs

            Naturally, translators cannot live without special programs that help optimize and improve their work. These are, for example, sites that check spelling and punctuation. We all sometimes make mistakes, sometimes we automatically forget to put the necessary punctuation mark or we miss some kind of union. And programs like this help us fix these mistakes. It is clear that there is no need to abuse such resources and you should rely only on your own capabilities.

            In any area, there are technologies that facilitate work and to some extent improve productivity, so you need to be careful about this and, above all, think about the benefits they bring. 


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