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Melbourne Nightlife: A Complete Guide for Men

When boys just want to have some fun, they go out and go wild. When in Melbourne, you will quickly realize that opportunities are so many that you might even start feeling overwhelmed. Socializing with friends while learning a thing or two about the fascinating city you’re in sounds like a great plan, but where should you start and which route should you take? If you’re looking for some great ideas to spend a night out with the boys while exploring and enjoying Melbourne, read on to get inspired:

Going underground

Chaise Lounge might be almost 25 years old, but it’s far from old or obsolete. Still holding the title as one of Melbourne’s most famous and beloved underground nightclubs, Chaise Lounge has a lot to offer. They are styled as posh connoisseurs of hip-hop, and they are playing the part oh so well. The club is packed, so getting in might take some time, but if you have the time and know that you’ll go in on a Friday night, you can fill in the form on their website and get on the guest list. The dance floor gets packed (as you will see) and this reservation will ensure that you get your spot and enjoy the evening.

Visit a brothel

If you’re tired of cares, bars, and clubs, but would still like to go wild after dark. Maybe we have something up our sleeve. For the wild ones among you who aren’t afraid to indulge and experiment, Melbourne has a secret side you’ll love. Feel free to drop off your friends at museums, cafés, and nightclubs, and prepare to dive into something far more inviting. When feeling frisky, seize a chance to visit the best Melbourne brothels and leave this magical city richer for a carnal kind of experience. Fortunately, there won’t be a need to hide in the darkness and roam the shady-looking streets in even shadier areas. Instead, you will have a chance to spend a remarkably pleasant time in a luxurious and elegant space, and collect a really wild tale or two to share with your friends. 

Sing like there’s no tomorrow

If there’s a superstar hidden in you just waiting for their turn, there’s no way you are going to skip a karaoke bar. A microphone, good music, and a cool atmosphere will have you unleashing your voice and channeling your performance persona. Melbourne’s got too many karaoke bars to count, but you should be able to find one that’s perfect for your taste and sensibility. Bourke Street has FM Karaoke, there is a nice Jankara up on Russell Street, as well as the famous KBOX Karaoke on La Trobe Street. If these aren’t right for you, you could give karaoke at Strike Bowling on Little Lonsdale Street a shot instead. At each of these venues, you can be as silly and as wild as your heart desires, and each of the venues will celebrate you, even if it’s far from being pitch-perfect.

Say goodbye at the Toff

While the name might be misleading, don’t be fooled: the Toff couldn’t be further from being the stuck-up place its name promises. Instead, it’s warm and welcoming which holds a nice promise that everyone entering will have a nice time. The entertainment offered here is by far the most diverse on this side of the city. The combination of the best DJs and an amazing live roster will keep you on your toes and send you off with a bang. If you need something to lift your spirits, Wednesdays are improv, comedy, cabaret, and dance nights that will leave your head spinning. The best thing about it, though – is the entry is free!

Anyone who steps foot in Melbourne quickly learns that this is a party city to die for, and if you’re here, make sure you don’t let nightlife pass you by. If you have your mind set up on a particular area, bar, or activity, good for you, but try to do as much as you can, especially if you’re not here often. It’s a shame to let any of the things we mentioned here slip by you just because it was raining, or you wanted to watch a movie in your hotel room. Carpe noctem, as they say.

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