To look good, you must accessorize your Indian clothes with jewelry. Here are tips to help you match your Indian clothes with jewelry.


The importance of jewelry when wearing Indian clothes cannot be overstated. The right jewelry can tie the entire ethnic outfit together by matching the style and color, making one stand out on any occasion. Also, the wrong choice of jewelry can make you look unpolished even when you have worn an attractive Indian outfit. So you have to be careful about how you match your jewelry with Indian ethnic outfits. If you get it right, all eyes will be on you at work or on that special occasion. Keep reading to learn the secrets to matching jewelry with Indian clothes for a coordinated look.

Key Points to Note When Wearing Jewelry with Indian Outfits

There are many things you need to understand so that you can match jewelry with Indian clothes correctly. Here are key points to get you started;

  • Choose Jewelry based on the occasion – Jewelry is a like an outfit. Just the way you choose an outfit depending on the occasion, you do the same with jewelry. If you are dressing up for a party, wedding, or festival, you can wear statement jewelry. If you are going for a formal event, consider simple jewelry that is not too bold or shouting.
  • Jewelry should blend with the color of the outfit – Ensure that the color of jewelry complements or blends well with the colors of the outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a plain Kurti, match it with oxidized silver jewelry like a necklace or earrings. Yellow-orange outfits will also match well with golden jewelry.
  • Allow statement Jewelry to shine – People make the mistake of wearing several statement pieces of jewelry at once. You should wear one statement piece and let it stand out. If you wear statement gemstone necklaces, keep it simple when you wear the earrings. Let one piece take center stage, and you will look amazing.
  • Stacking or layering is allowed – You should not be afraid to stack several fancy bangles on your arm and rings on your fingers. This works best when wearing short-sleeved tops or dresses. But ensure the bangles and rings have some elements or details matching the main outfit or statement piece. You can also wear several simple studs on your ears, and they will enhance your look and highlight your personality. Wearing several necklaces at the same time is also allowed. But you should keep it simple based on your outfit and occasion.
  • Choose necklace based on your dress/top neckline – If you want to wear a conspicuous necklace, you should wear an Indian dress or top with a neckline allowing the piece to shine. Strapless, V-necked and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses will allow you to wear a statement necklace.

Statement and Simple Jewelry Styling Tips

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is a piece that allows a wearer to express their personality and style through jewelry. When you wear just one statement piece you will have done your outfit justice. You just wear one piece, and you are good to go. But you can add other pieces, but they should not compete or overshadow the main piece but complement it.

When you wear an Anarkali, lehenga choli, or saree, one pair of statement earrings will be enough to make you look gorgeous and stylish. But you can complete the look with a simple necklace and a bracelet/bangles. If you wear hijajbi, you can go for a statement bracelet or ring.

There is also a new trend where you buy a necklace with matching earrings and a tikka. For instance, when wearing a red bridal lehenga choli, you can go for a statement Kundan Necklace with two earrings and a tikka. The pieces can also go well with bridal salwar kameez and saree.

The secret to wearing statement jewelry is to ensure that the outfit is plain or has minimal embellishments. If the outfit has too much embroidery, go for simple jewelry pieces.

Simple Jewelry

We can say that a simple piece of jewelry should not be too conspicuous. For instance, a thin gold chain is a simple necklace, but it is valuable. If you wear heavy embroidered Indian clothes, you should consider wearing simple necklaces and studs. Wearing more than that will ruin the whole appearance. But when wearing simple necklaces, you can layer or stack them (two or three will be fine) to achieve the desired look.

Choosing Jewelry for Saree, Lehenga Choli, and Salwar Kameez

If you are wearing a simple saree with minimal embroidery work, you have the freedom to wear more jewelry. You can wear stacked studs on your ears, a statement necklace, broad bangles, and a statement bracelet to have a stunning look. Adding a tikka, nath/nose ring, and rings will also do justice to the look.

If you are wearing a Lehenga, you will have a huge task in choosing the right jewelry. You can keep it simple by wearing a simple necklace and stud earrings. However, if your choli or top is plain, you can wear a statement necklace and simple hanging earrings. But remember to complete the look with stacked metal bangles.

If wearing salwar kameez, you have many options. You can choose a choker necklace matched with jhumkas. You can also add thick bracelets or bangles on the arm and a shining tikka on the head to have a stylish look. You have to be creative to achieve an elegant look. Just mix and match the pieces, but ensure everything blends in well for a more coordinated look.

Final Words

After wearing your Indian clothes, the next big thing is to select the right jewelry to enhance the look. If you get it right, you will stand out. On the other hand, if you pick the wrong jewelry, you will ruin your entire look. So you must be extra careful and creative when selecting jewelry to wear with Indian clothes. Just consider the above information, and you will easily match your Indian outfit with jewelry for a stylish, coordinated look.


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