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Laetitude Review: Next-generation Trading Bots Can Really Increase Profit or Is Just a Ponzi Ruse?

Are you making money with bots? It is not a simple question to answer. Is it possible for them to make you wealthy? Yes, certainly you can. However, it is not the same as swinging a magic stick. It is possible to miss cash on trades monitored by a bot, despite its AI powers and advanced algorithms. This is especially more likely if the trader has no prior experience or does not have strong traditional trading skills.

Robots are not the ultimate grail, the key to unfathomable riches. Everyone would use them if they were. They do, however, operate and provide numerous advantages and benefits to both novice and seasoned crypto traders. Bots are just getting smarter, faster, and ubiquitous as technology advances and the AI business grows exponentially. It is not too late to begin now, as things stand.

Laetitude Next Level of Crypto Trading Bot

However, what about Laetitude Next Level of Crypto Trading Bot?  

Do you ever think they have everything that will make you rich or you will grow rapidly?  The next-generation trading bots can help Laetitude users. They have made it available for purchase. A talented team of mathematicians, analysts, and programmers developed the Laetitude Next Level of Crypto Trading Bots during the last three years. Trading tactics used by the bots are based on never-before-seen algorithms. The bots from Laetitude’s Next Level of Crypto Trading are totally automated, quick, precise, and dependable.

Buy just a minute…! Are they giving a guarantee? If No…? Then why are they attracting people with beautiful headings? At the same time, there is a warning message in thinly hidden words that

“Cryptocurrencies are very risky to trade. Do not use the money you do not have. You will not receive any investment or risk advice. Past profits are not a guarantee of the future. There is no guarantee of profit”. We will talk more about such Scams later. First, solve the mystery of the next-level trading bot.

Laetitude Compensation Plan

People associated with Laetitude invest up to $ 50,000 in a cryptocurrency trading boot in the hope of a passive return. If Laetitude bots are fully automated, fast, precise, and reliable, then why did a person like David El Dib destroy the BitClub? David El Dib is originally from Austria. Why did he have to flee to Dubai? To ignore the fact that Dubai is a safe haven for fraudsters would be tantamount to self-deception. It has now become the capital of the world’s MLM Scam. Spring7 FZ LLC, a shell company allegedly based in the UAE, operates Laetitude. Bot’s trading strategy is based on a new algorithm that has never existed before.

Well, we look critically at Laetitude products and their profits, including the next generation trading bots.

How much does Laetitude pay for affiliate membership fees? How much can they invest? In some of the figures below.

  • Businesses – can invest up to $ 5000, paying $ 500.
  • Business Pro – Pay up to $ 1200, and invest up to 000 12,000.
  • Special Founders – can invest up to $ 50,000, paying $ 3,700.

The Laetitude Compensation Plan shows that the company makes an impressive profit of up to 35%. Laetitude pays commission on the recruitment of affiliates by MLM.

Individuals linked with Laetitude get 10% of the fees paid by directly recruited affiliates as a recruitment commission.

Outstanding Commission: Laetitude uses a binary compensation scheme to pay outstanding commissions. A binary compensation system sets an affiliate at the top of the binary team, which is divided into two sides (left and right):

Outstanding commissions are calculated as a proportion of the binary team’s affiliate membership cost. The commission charge for business individuals is a whopping 9%. People holding the Business Pro and Founder Special ranks earn an exceptional 10% commission rate. The following applies to the weekly balance commission cap based on rank:

Perpetual commissions of up to $ 500 per week are available to affiliates.

  • Outstanding commissions can pay up to $ 1000 per week to a single star, also up to $ 8000 per week.

Is the commission low? Not in the least? This is the precise commission rate. The outstanding binary commission is usually only paid on the quantity generated solely on a single side of the binary team. At this time, it is unknown what he will do after leaving the position.

Bottom Line of Laetitude

 Management of the BitClub network involves the management of a bedridden Ponzi Scam with a similar idea. Laetitude employs the Ponzi ruse, a tried-and-true Swapoo “trading boot.” Swapoo, a cryptocurrency exchange, is a subsidiary of Laetitude. To get the best trading outcomes, Bot’s tactics are built on complicated, dynamic programming algorithms and use a variety of digital high-tech engines.

Martin Beckhausen, the owner of Swapoo, is also related to David L. Deb and Dave Martin, the BitClub Network’s net winner. A large question mark appears.  “Administrators can’t touch our money!” concludes a closer examination of Swapoo’s model. Of course, the business concept is absurd.

Finally, I will leave a question at the end of this article: If BitClub network scammers had really a lucrative trading bot, so why they had not run it? Bots, on the other hand, never stop, never sleep, and never make a mistake. Always on the job, they devote 100 percent of their time to executing 24/7 proven, principled techniques to increase your portfolio’s value. New technologies come with time, which is why Laetitude has left no stone unturned in providing the best and certainly the best with the intelligence of modern people.


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