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Kumtel kitchen hoods instantly remove bad odor with its powerful ventilation technology. Kumtel kitchen hoods, which have completely silent features, do not notice the sound while working.

At the same time, it takes the smells of food and offers you a perfect living space.

Kitchen Hoods with different designs look very stylish with their new designs. Kumtel is a very high-quality company in kitchen hoods ,which not only purifies the environment from odors in seconds thanks to its affordable price and strong attraction power, but also does this in silence.As a company of many years, Kumtel always thinks about customer satisfaction in kitchen hoods, built-in sets, ovens, heaters. With its polite quality designs, it does not tire the eyes. It always provides efficiency with its useful features. Among Kumtel hood products, there are standard pyramid type models, wall-mounted models and glass designed models. You can choose which model you like most and which one you think will suit your kitchen. 


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