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KISS Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners

If you love experimenting with nail art, then an acrylic nail kit is going to be the best thing in existence. Going to the salon and making the nails look nice is going to cost a pretty penny. If one needs a well-manicured nail without burning a hole in their pockets, DIY acrylic nails are the way! In this article, Kiss acrylic nail kits are one of the best DIY nail kits available.

Kiss acrylic nail kit.

One of the best nail kits on the market is the Kiss Acrylic nail kit; it will make your nails look pretty and save you time and money.  The Kiss Nail Acrylic Kit can help you achieve professional-looking manicures. It comes with everything you’ll need to get salon-quality results at home.  This nail kit includes easy-to-follow instructions. The components are stored and transported in a clear plastic casing.

The tips are shiny and don’t need to be polished, but you can colour them if you want to add a little more personality. The majority of women desire the most expensive-looking manicure for the right amount of money. This affordable acrylic manicure kit includes nail adhesive, acrylic powder, monomer, and neutral and French tips for about $10.

How to use Kiss acrylic nail kit.

After you have selected your favourite acrylic nail kit from the online store, the next step is to prepare your natural nails.

  • Wipe any nail paint or gel from the nail bed, wash your hands with clean water and soap and completely dry your nail bed; this will make the application much easier.  Make sure that the nails are filed and shaped according to the acrylic nails.
  • Find the right nail for each finger and set it aside; the size number for this particular kit is mentioned behind the nail.
  • One of the most critical processes in installing acrylic nails that should not be overlooked is priming. When dealing with acrylic, primer is required regardless of the type of nail kit you have. The nails will break off otherwise.
  • Next, prepare the acrylic powder, but ensure that the room is well ventilated because many of these powders have a very odour and can cause choking. Pour the monomer liquid into a dish and add the powder to another dish.
  • After the aforementioned step, dip the brush into the liquid and ensure that no bubbles are formed; dip the brush into the powder till a ball is formed on the top.
  • Next, take the bead of acrylic and place it on the nail, and brush it out till you reach the desired length and shape.
  • Let it dry out; after it is dry, file and buff the nail to desired shape and size and then, if needed, it can be painted to any nail paint of choice. Prime the nails after the whole process is completed; this will help keep the nail healthy.


Having beautiful nails can make one feel so much more confident, and not everyone has the time and money to sit in a salon or book an appointment to get the nails done. Thanks to the pandemic, many people have learned DIY, even in nails. With DIY acrylic nail kits, it has become easier to get celebrity-style long-lasting nails at cheaper prices. These nails look natural, are comfortable and flexible and can be worn day and night without the fear of them breaking. With the option of these nail kits like the Kiss acrylic nail kit, one can easily get salon nails sitting at home.


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