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Keep These in Mind When Selecting a Puffer Jacket

They are one of the finest winter fads in Australia ever since they keep you warm without requiring a lot of clothing. As a result, it isn’t the most straightforward fashion item to work with because of the chance of overpowering you. However, there is a slew of online and offline outlets where you may buy a women’s puffer coat or a winter coat in general. Read the following advice to prevent appearing like a puffer jacket version of the Michelin Man.

When purchasing a women’s puffer jacket in Australia, like with any other piece of clothing, it is essential to take your body type into mind. For example, if you have a rectangular or pear-shaped figure, you’ll need to choose something that highlights your bust since you’re likely thinner at the top of your body. An apple-shaped physique is heavier at the top, so balance it off by wearing a longer jacket to cover your upper torso. It’s great to wear a puffer vest if you’ve got an hourglass figure since you can layer it over a sweater.

What colour are you looking for?

When purchasing a women’s puffer jacket in Australia for the first time, you may not know how it will look on you or prefer a more pared-down style. In this situation, a dark hue like charcoal, navy, or black might be a good choice since they can be paired with everything. Also, tan and brown may be used in a wide variety of ways. It’s possible to bring attention to yourself by wearing bright colours like white, red, or yellow if you want to. These never fail to capture the eye. On the other hand, it is essential to:

Avoid the sheen

Puffer coats in Australia come in various styles and colours, and it might be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. In contrast, colour is the most crucial factor to consider for many individuals. Some people like primary colours in monochromatic or darker tones, while others prefer brighter colours. Even if you choose a different hue, there is one thing you must never do: apply a shine. Puffer jackets with a glossy sheen, making them appear like they’ve been waxed, are commonplace. In the end, it does nothing for your appearance, no matter how much thinner your upper torso may be — all it does is draw attention to your upper body.

When choosing a jacket colour, choose a fashionable matte texture. Ensure the hue is neutral and discreet if you insist on having the metallic shine in your clothing. Alternatively, you may dress up your outfit with additional accessories, such as a stunning embroidered scarf or a winter cap.

Avoid puffs that are full to the brim with air.

There is an easy way to seem like the Michelin Man in a puffer jacket, and it’s all due to those little puffs. Though these coats are warm and cosy, they are not the slimmest item in your wardrobe. Despite this, you have no issue with their warmth and comfort. You may have some beautiful alternatives to select from, though, which is good news for the future. Jackets with high-tech, compressed stuffing are an option if you like the rectangular patches they feature. Compared to rectangular puffs in most jackets, jackets with square quilting are more flattering for various body shapes.

Layers need particular attention.

If you’re wearing a jacket that’s already bulky, you don’t want to make it appear any heavier by adding anything else hefty to your layering. With a slim-fitting coat, for example, putting any layers underneath it results in a rather bulky appearance, such as with a thick cardigan and a buttoned-down shirt.

The same rules apply if you’re wearing a puffy jacket or a winter coat, but the puffs themselves make you seem much more significant. Because of this, if you intend on layering, you’ll want to select your pieces carefully. Keeping yourself warm is essential, but a crew neck or a light cardigan may be layered under your jacket to avoid bulk.


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