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Jd Power Study Finds Many New Technologies In Vehicles Not Being Used

A few days ago, Netcom learned from overseas media that JD Power’s 2021 US Technology Experience Index (TXI) study found that for more than one-third of advanced technologies in new cars, less than half of the car owners within the first 90 days of using the car. used these techniques. In fact, 61% of respondents said they had never used an in-vehicle tripartite app, and 51% said they didn’t need it.

Kristin Kolodge, executive director of human-machine interfaces at JD Power, said: “New car prices are at all-time highs, in part due to improvements in onboard software/hardware. If owners think it’s good value for money, that’s fine, but for many users , some features don’t seem to be needed, and that’s a waste.”

The study found that devices such as reversing cameras and panoramic cameras are among the most sought-after technologies in new vehicles. On the other hand, there appear to be quite a few usage issues with the interior gesture control technology, with owners reporting 41 issues per 100 vehicles. Additionally, some EVs have received very high levels of satisfaction with their single-pedal operation, with owners reporting only 8 problems per 100 vehicles.

Tesla earned the unofficial top score in the study, with an Innovation Index score of 668 on a 1,000-point scale. But because the automaker didn’t perform to JD Power’s survey standards, the score wasn’t officially recognized. In addition to Tesla, Genesis ranked first with a total score of 634 points, Cadillac 551 points, Volvo 550 points, BMW 545 points, and Mercedes-Benz 523 points. 

2021 JD Power’s U.S. Tech Experience Index research data is based on questions and answers from 110,827 new car owners who were surveyed 90 days after owning a new car. The study took into account the extent to which each brand adopted new technologies and the actual level of execution, and included how much users liked these technologies and the problems they encountered while using them.

How Effective Is The Australian Government’s Laying Of Fluorescent Road Signs?

In order to clearly see the road markings at night, the current common practice is to use reflective opal or reflective paint on the marking lines, but recently the Victorian government of Australia announced that it will invest 245 million to start a new road safety plan, which will Part of it is used to improve road night markings. In the future, its road markings will be replaced with special fluorescent paint, so that cars, motorcycles and cyclists can have better night driving safety.

According to the photos released by Tarmac Line marking, a local road marking company in Australia, this fluorescent paint is quite similar to the fluorescent stickers that everyone used to play with when they were children. The reticle will be greenish during the day, but at night, the reticle that absorbs daytime sunlight will appear fluorescent green.

The Victorian government said that through the setting of fluorescent markings, it is very useful for locomotives and cyclists, especially when approaching intersections and curves, fluorescent road markings will be clearer than traditional markings. Tarmac Line Marking also further explained that fluorescent paints are not only available for road markings, but are also suitable for applications such as sidewalks, bicycle lanes or docks.

The design of fluorescent markings has many advantages, including no need to rely on reflection, good contrast at night, and no opal that will cause the vehicle to bounce. However, whether the continuous lighting time of the fluorescent paint is sufficient will greatly affect the effectiveness of practical applications. The actual effectiveness of the road marking update in Victoria this time is also worthy of follow-up.

Star Wars Fans Are Crazy, Volkswagen Id. Buzz Launches Joint Car Models

Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi launches as an indie series on May 27, 2022, and will be celebrated in Anaheim, California, May 26-29, 2022, while Volkswagen is partnering with the studio , and exhibiting two ID. Buzz ( Parameter | Inquiry ) of Light Side Edition and Dark Side Edition that integrate character features at the event site . This is also the first time that Volkswagen has cooperated with Lucasfilm designers to create a unique ID. Buzz.

Two Id. Buzz Fused Album Characters To Create Unique Features

The Light Side Edition and Dark Side Edition launched by Volkswagen have their own characteristics. The car color is beige, inspired by the robe color of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The chrome-plated shape of the bright part above refers to the design of spaceships and robots in the Star Wars universe, and the blue line on the side of the car continues to the front and headlights, symbolizing Obi-Wan Kenobi’s blue lightsaber; the surface of the glass is made of The blue design is matched with the lighting under the car to form a beautiful match, and the Rebel Alliance logo is printed on the side windows and the center of the wheel rim.

The black body makes the whole car present the atmosphere of the dark side, while the sidelines, lamps and windows It is red, inspired by Darth Vader’s lightsaber; the red and black combination can also be seen on the underbody lighting, and there is the Empire logo on the side windows and the center of the rim.

Jozef Kabaň, head of design of Volkswagen, said that through this cooperation, ID. Buzz combined with Obi-Wan Kenobi and other characters, making ID. Buzz as if entering the world of Star Wars movies; and ID. Buzz at the rear of the car In the font, the font of the Star Wars movie “Aurebesh” is specially designed, not the font of general Volkswagen models.

Id.Buzz German Pre-Sale Starts, Priced From About Rmb 380,000

At present, there are only two price settings for ID.Buzz pre-sale. The pre-sale price of the ID.Buzz Cargo for trucks is 54,430 euros, or about 380,000 yuan, while the general passenger 5-seat version ID.Buzz is priced at 64,581 euros, or about 450,000 yuan. ID.Buzz Whether it is the truck version of the Cargo or the general passenger 5-seat version, the power structure is equipped with an 82 kWh lithium battery pack, the power data are 201 horsepower and 310 Nm torque, and the cruising range is in 421 kilometers (424 kilometers for Cargo); in the charging performance part, ID.Buzz supports fast charging of up to 170kW, allowing ID.Buzz to complete 5~80% charging in 30 minutes.

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