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Jane Morales on the importance of assertive training and how it changed her life

Let’s face it, while there are people in this world who are outspoken and expressive, there are others who find it hard to stand up and raise their voices for themselves. Over time, the inability to speak up for things that bother us can take a toll on our well-being and confidence level. To counter these issues, numerous professionals now provide assertive training.

This form of behavioral therapy helps empower people, enabling them to express their feelings appropriately. This is important since every individual is worthy of respect. However, many abstain from fighting for themselves due to a lack of confidence. Assertive training also helps change one’s life around by transforming the way one communicates and builds relationships.

Do you have a hard time being assertive? If yes, Jane Morales is the answer to all your problems. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jane Morales is a human development, leadership, and assertiveness coach and meditation master. She is also a writer and public speaker who received a BS in Marketing from Bentley University. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, Jane went on to study for a Master of Science in Communications from Boston University. 

This dynamic young lady is also trained in the power of intention and positive affirmations. With this extensive education and experience under her belt, Jane Morales founded her assertiveness, empowerment, and mental strength coaching method. Today, she works with hundreds of people and teaches them how to be assertive and develop mental strength that helps open up ways to success for them.

However, before taking up this path, Jane had worked in the television industry for around ten years. Right at the time when she decided to become a counselor, she was the Public Relations and Advertising Director for Cartier Jewelers International. Talking about her aims, Jane Morales shares, “I have a clear set of goals that I want to achieve, and once I do, I move on to new ones.” She adds, “I worked in the television industry with a clear set of goals. I have even reported live from the red carpet at the Oscars! After achieving all this success, I decided to move on to the next challenge.”

Moreover, Jane’s experience as an anchor contributes to her life as a counselor. This is because the world of television required her to interact with hundreds of people, including producers, celebrities, and media personnel. Interacting with such a vast number of people is only possible if you know how to be calm and assertive. “I work with individuals seeking to make a serious change in life and fulfill goals whether it’s career-oriented, personal or physical,” Jane says. “I specialize in goal setting, developing assertiveness, mental strength, improving relations, as well as personal or professional goal achievement.”

According to Jane Morales, the assertive training she provides helps individuals develop the ability to assert their rights, as well as give their opinions. And all this is achieved while respecting others. “If a person follows an assertive behavior, they will have the ability to speak about themselves, to be able to ask for help more easily, and to openly disagree with opinions with which they do not agree,” she explains.

Jane believes addressing the lack of assertiveness is essential because people often doubt themselves and pay too much attention to the outside noise. They constantly seek approval from the outside and tend to ignore what lies within. “We all have the power within us. All we need to do is connect with our higher self, respect our instincts, and develop silence within to listen to what the Universe wants to provide,” Jane Morales reveals.

If you have a hard time listening to your inner voice, contact Jane Morales and get ready to turn your life around and dig deep within your personality to figure out where the issue lies.


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