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Is It Safe to Repair a Garage Door Yourself?

Many homeowners take it upon themselves to DIY(do-it-yourself) their garage door. Instead of hiring a qualified expert, they perceive undertaking the project by themselves. But is this a good idea?

Unless you have the right training and experience in garage door repairs, the do-it-yourself approach may not be a safe strategy–even though it may have its perceived benefits. In the course of the project, you may harm yourself, endanger your family or cause a fire hazard.

Dangers encountered from garage door repairs may be costly and severe. Whether it’s a minor spring problem or the cable is broken, we highly recommend getting a reliable garage door repair company. Here are typical reasons why the DIY approach may be costly.


Safety is a big concern as far as the do-it-yourself approach goes. Homeowners may encounter various injuries in the course of the project, including but not limited to ladder falls, power tool injuries–even blunt or puncture wounds. Such injuries are stirred by home repair accidents.

With DIY garage door repairs, risks are often inevitable. Such risk may vary in weight, depending on the project’s magnitude. For instance, it can be hefty positioning a heavy garage door, even with help from friends. In addition, it is risky to install or remove certain components like torsion springs, especially when done wrong. Garage doors are significantly heavy. That subjects the door springs to a tremendous amount of tension. What’s more, this weight is often transferred to other areas. If you loosen a wrong fastener, there may be a sudden release of stored energy, and you risk getting injured as the incident unravels.

A falling garage door is another possibility. The garage door may crash to the ground. And when that happens, anything underneath can hardly support its weight. Suppose it crushes on your vehicle. In that case, you have hundreds of dollars worth of damage to take care of. It gets serious if the object is your pet or child, in which case they become vulnerable to serious  injuries.

If a professional repairs your garage door, they minimize such risks using professional equipment and tools that keep the door from falling. Nevertheless, a professional will know the components’ mechanisms and the right procedure to repair them.

You risk voiding your warranty

When you buy a garage door, the manufacturer offers a warranty that covers a specific duration. The warranty sorts out replacements and repairs if your garage door malfunctions within the specified period.

If you hire an unlicensed and unqualified individual, your warranty becomes invalid to repair your garage door. In addition, the DIY approach is under the umbrella, and it voids your warranty and leaves you struggling out-of-pocket — especially during emergencies. For starters, warranties don’t cover personal modifications on the garage door.

So, to leverage your warranty in the future, double-check it and only allow licensed and professional contractors to replace or repair your garage door.

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Do-It-Yourself is costly and time-wasting

A garage door has a system of complex parts working in a particular manner to facilitate its opening and closing. Besides being hard to repair, these parts have a high tendency to break when installed improperly. On the other hand, you may fix the wrong parts in the process, retaining the original problem.

These factors make the project costly and time-wasting. If you are not a trained technician, you have little experience and expertise necessary for the job. You may apply wrong methods or parts in the course of repair, worsening the problem further. For instance, you may damage components like cables and torsion springs, making the DIY approach an expensive misdemeanor, contrary to your expectations. And if the mistake is extensive, you may ruin your garage door altogether, having to purchase a new one.

If you have little experience in garage door repairs, hiring an expert is better. That also applies if you have a tight schedule and don’t have spare time. A good technician will tackle the project without queries. In that case, you can reconsider your time for relatively important tasks.

You may lack the right tools

Normal tools may take the project as far as they can. However, most garage door repairs demand specialized parts and tools. If you try to make do with any tool you have, you may attract costly damage—more than what you intended to fix. On the other hand, wrong tools are likely to cause injuries.

Wrong tools make garage door repair difficult–even impossible. But professional companies can fix the issue using the right tools. In addition, they have all the necessary tools that make the project hassle and risk-free.


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