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Is It Legal To Scrape Emails From Websites?

Businesses often need their potential customers’ email addresses for email marketing campaigns and growing their sales. Obviously, they require a huge customer email address list and up-to-date email information for productive email marketing campaigns. A good customer email list may include up to thousands of contacts. We can collect this data manually and also with special email scraping tools. Let’s find out what email scraping is, and whether it’s legal or not. 

What Is an Email Scraping Tool? 

An email extractor or scraper is a program designed to extract email addresses from web pages by zip codes, URLs, and names. Such email collection tools can usually find and extract email addresses from web pages, search engines, and local files and upload the results to a necessary file format, for example, Excel, CSV, or Text file. For collecting email addresses from web pages, professional email collection tools usually parse data from websites or forums found on the search results of search engines. If a company needs to find the email addresses of legal entities, it collects the email information from these firms’ corporate sites.

Email Scraping Tools let you automate the process of finding, scraping, exporting, and organizing the data. The main advantage of using email grabber software is that they do email scraping 100 times faster than a human but with 100% accurate results. One can find a hundred email addresses in a couple of minutes from thousands of websites. What’s more, the Cute Web Email Extractor can save information, process it, and provide it in a ready-to-use format for marketing purposes. In brief, email extract collects the data with the following steps:

  • The Cute Web Email Address Extractor searches for and selects websites according to various parameters: Names (keywords), Domain Address (URLs), location, and other criteria.
  • The Gmail email finder searches for the data containing “@” and “email” on the selected sites. 
  • The email exporter adds the extracted emails to your database such as Excel, CSV, or Text files to use in email marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Need a Cute Web Email Scraper? 

An email database of potential customers is necessary when it comes to successful email marketing and commercial offers. Since every commercial offer must be in its target audience, the email database must have specific features and be focused on. That way, your best email scraper should collect not only the email address but also the customer’s first and last name. 

Why may you need a Cute Web Email Extractor? You’re probably running a commercial company or a private entity, or doing freelancing on Fiverr/UP work, and conducting your business activities via the Internet through email marketing campaigns. Cute Web Gmail Email Extractor can help you to approach more targeted customers through targeted email lists.

The majority of email marketers point out that they search for customers’ data manually on different websites that take up a significant part of the time. Out of hundreds of found people, only a few real customers will reply to the offer. So Cute Web Email Finder tool helps you:

  • Find, extract, and collect an extensive database of email addresses of potential customers;
  • Reduce the time spent on finding clients email addresses;
  • Automate the process of email scraping;
  • Save the searching records and scraped data for later use.

Is Email Scraping Legal? 

No doubt email scraping is best for business growth, but you have to follow some basic rules of web scraping before email scraping. Basically, email scraping is legal if you are using Cute Web Email Extractor as it extracts only publicly available data from websites. If the scraped data is publicly available, then email scraping is legal. Thus, email data collection and scraping is legal if you collect email contacts that are available for everybody across the Internet. 

You must also check the website’s Terms of Use when email scraping.

Illegal email scraping involves:

  • Copying data that is copyrighted;
  • Scraping private data that requires logging details such as username and password;
  • Selling confidential data to a third party.

When you need to scrape the contact information from websites like emails and phone numbers, you may want to collect data from rich contact databases such as social media sites and business directories. Before scraping such websites, you must check that they allow access to data without creating an account and without paying a subscription. Scraping behind the login page is unethical and illegal and website owners are never allowed to do so.

In short, email data scraping is a powerful tool for generating business leads. Email Scraping can be beneficial as long as it is used keeping in mind the wishes of the target website and with respect to any individual whose data has been collected. Further, email data collection with the Cute Web Email Extractor is a completely legal process as it extracts only publicly available data from websites. Always use email scraping ethically and consult a lawyer when you suspect your actions are in accordance with the law.

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