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Is it better to buy a business from a broker or directly from the owner?

The process of purchasing Florida Restaurants for Sale can be lengthy and involved. Here is a guide to working with us and the sales process so that you can prevent the annoyance of losing time and money. This skill helps while communicating with other brokers as well.

This can vary on how big the business is if it is more complex, then hiring a broker may be a good idea, but if it is a smaller business, like buying routes for sale by owner then you can probably manage.

Find the business for sale

Finding businesses for sale without the help of a broker will require some legwork. After settling on a certain company niche, it’s time to call industry insiders to see if anyone knows of any opportunities. Sellers who are contemplating a private transaction are more common than you may assume. However, there are online markets where you can find firms for sale.

Write a letter of intent

It is the first step as you contact the business’s proprietor. In addition to introducing yourself, you can also make a broad proposal. While it can pave the way for future negotiations, a letter of intent is not legally binding. The fact remains, nevertheless, that this is a significant paper. Your recommended price and the underlying assumptions must be laid out clearly. It’s possible, for instance, that you’re assuming a particular level of sales volume on the company’s part. If that assumption proves incorrect, your final offer will be lower.

Keep everything confidential

Studying the company’s financial records is a crucial step in acquiring ownership of it. You’ll likely be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement to ensure the privacy of these discussions by the business owners. Take the time to read the fine print to learn the length of the contract; typically, it will be between one and two years. After analyzing sensitive company data, you’ll likely be required to approve its destruction.

Get help from a lawyer

A lawyer may not be necessary if the sale price is less than $10,000. You can’t just wake up one day and become an expert in the law; if you have any questions, you should talk to a lawyer. Get a lawyer if the business is expensive. Talk to the local bar association to get a recommendation.

Verify the lawyer’s background in business acquisitions. That’s not something that every lawyer does.

In addition to helping you with the purchase, a lawyer can assist you in launching your new enterprise. Reports and applications for necessary licenses and permits are two examples. One would expect a lawyer to know where to look if is it a big business like take for example buying a brand such as FedEx routes for sale, it is better to hire a lawyer as they have strict guidelines 

Appraise the business

An appraiser can examine financial documents and inventory to determine a company’s fair market value. Without a business broker, an appraiser becomes an important team member.


A broker is not always necessary when purchasing a small firm. Nonetheless, research must be done. Examine the books first. Ask for financial records, including balance sheets, cash flow statements, and accounts payable and receivable statements, for the past three to five years. Rather than just providing a summary, the vendor should submit audited financial statements. If the seller is unwilling to provide financial records, or if you find mistakes, this may be a red flag that you shouldn’t proceed with the transaction.


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