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6 Important tips about Laser Hair Removal

There are some parts of the body where your hair grows and you don’t like them. This unwanted hair is annoying and it is very tiresome to have it there. If you like your skin and don’t want to see hair on your skin then there is a solution for that which is laser hair removal. Sometimes it’s painful to remove your unwanted hair. If you want this procedure to be done painlessly then Laser Hair Removal Toronto which is in Toronto is the best option for you.

In this topic, I will be explaining to you the essential things you need to do before laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a trending topic these days. Everyone is going for laser hair removal because it is a painless and easy method to remove unwanted hair.

What is Laser Hair Removal? It is a concentrated light that is absorbed in the melanocytes (the cells of the skin responsible for color pigmentation). This is then converted into heat energy and destroys the hair follicles in the skin and the growth of hair is diminished or destroyed.

If you are new to laser hair removal then these essential tips are for you:

1. No Waxing or pulling off before Laser Hair removal:

If you are going for laser hair removal try not to do waxing or do not pluck off you’re your hair. Because sometimes it hinders the results. Hair removal through laser helps in destroying the follicles that prevent the upcoming hair. This is done by applying the optimum beam of light to the targeted area. And if you decided to continue the laser hair treatment then you need to stop using wax or plucking off your hair.

2. Remember All Hair is not removed:

If you are going for a laser hair removal then you should clear that not all of your hair is removed. As laser hair removal works on its mechanism. It has its functioning.  It works on the hair follicles. The hair who have thick or dense follicle can easily be removed by laser but the hair having low hair follicle may not be removed by laser. As the laser is not a human eye that can properly see the hair. And all hair is not the same for the laser as it is for the human eye. This is a con of laser hair removal, I thought you should know it before going for laser hair removal.

3. Irritation after the treatment:

As I have told you that in laser hair removal the hair follicle is removed. So, after the treatment, it is normal that you feel irritation. Because if the hair is removed from the body it may irritate for some time. Even if you remove hair through waxing or by plucking, normally, you face irritation.

So, don’t feel hesitant to consult your laser operator. They will probably tell you that if you feel any inconvenience after a day of treatment, it will be fine. You may feel some swelling after treatment on the hair follicle about the targeted area, it is normal. It lasts for a few days. In case, if you are feeling continuously irritated then you can use ice for relaxation.

4. You Need Several Sessions:

It is undeniable that you need to take several sessions to remove your unwanted hair. You can’t do it in a single session. All of the hair follicles cannot be removed in just a one-time meeting. If you want to remove your unwanted hair you need at least five or six sessions to remove them permanently. Hair removal is more efficient when you have dense hair. The best time for this comes once every six months because after six months you have dense hair and it is the best time for you to the laser hair removal. Frequent sessions are essential to treat hair removal when they are in their growth phase. By research, the mean cycle for laser hair removal is from 4 to 10 sessions.

 5. Always strictly follow the Schedule:

This is the most important point during your laser hair removal you strictly need to follow the schedule set by your consultant. It’s important to stick to this schedule as we want to target a specific point in the hair growth phase for the best results. For example, we recommend treating the face every 4 weeks, the trunk of the body every 6-8 weeks, and the limbs every 8-10 weeks.

6. Don’t apply any products to the skin:

If you plan to take laser hair removal treatment, then make sure to clean your body and face with any skin products including lotion. Skincare products contain components that might react negatively with a laser beam resulting in pigmentation and irritation, or worse, skin burns. This was all about what I thought I need to share with you regarding the essential tips for laser hair removal.

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I hope that helped you a lot in solving your queries. If you like this struggle then share tips for laser hair removal with your dearests to help them in knowing these tips as well.


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