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How to write thesis acknowledgment?

It plays an important role when someone is appreciated for their work. So, one should identify and mention those who helped him get an appreciation for his work. Writers and scholars mention their names in their thesis and their contribution towards the completion of this thesis. If you want to know more details about thesis acknowledgment, you should visit wr1ter.com.  You will get detailed information about thesis acknowledgment.

The standard order of acknowledgment:

As it is also mentioned in this wr1ter.com website that there are two categories of acknowledgments: professional and personal. As it is also mentioned in wr1ter.com that the standard order is to move from most formal to least. So it might go like this:

  • funders
  • supervisors
  • other academicians
  • colleagues
  • family
  • friends.

 Funders are the first ones to acknowledge because they contribute to the research. Without them, your research and thesis likely wouldn’t happen. Then, one should need a supervisor who guides them. The other categories also play an important role in the completion of research and thesis. 

Contributors :

Before writing your acknowledgment, it is good to make a list of contributors who linked to your thesis in any way. It also includes your family members and friends who always got your back in any situation. So, they also need to acknowledge your thesis. Whether they help you financially or emotionally, they are linked to you in any way. So make sure to acknowledge and add them to your list because they support you. So, the individual one should acknowledge in their thesis are:

  • funding bodies
  • supervisors
  • professors
  • laboratory assistants
  • librarians
  • colleagues
  • editors
  • classmates
  • research participants
  • family members
  • friends

One should acknowledge the individual who helped you a lot in thesis acknowledgment. So, try to focus on individuals who really helped you in the thesis. It is irrelevant to acknowledge your friends if they did not contribute to your research at all. 

Thesis acknowledgment for students:

Students mostly need help from others in their projects. So the person who needs acknowledgment includes the funding bodies, teachers, classmates, and other participants who did the research. So the student must acknowledge others’ efforts in helping them with their projects. Without the funding bodies, your project or thesis would be incomplete because students do need someone who financially helps them in their research. 

Teachers and supervisors are the ones who guide the students and help them in their thesis. Your classmates or group members are the ones who helped you a lot. These members include the research partners also. So, after thanking the professionals for your thesis, acknowledge your friends and family at last.


The following language should be used according to acknowledge others in your thesis:

  • “I would like to thank …”
  • “I wish like to acknowledge…”
  • “I wish to express my dearest gratitude to…”
  • “I would wish to thank those people whose help and guidance in the completion of this project.”
  • “I am indebted to…”
  • “I value your great advice for my study because of it …….”
  • “I would like to acknowledge the irreplaceable support that ……”

These are the most formal language structures used in the acknowledgment of the thesis. 

The acknowledgment page should appear at the start of a thesis paper. It should have concise and compelling language so one should understand it easily. The language should be simple so others can understand it easily. 

Write the full name of contributors in your thesis. If some group helps you in the thesis, then only write the collective names. For protecting someone’s privacy, only use thier first name or generic identifier. The most important person to acknowledge is the supervisor. Even your supervisor gives minimal support but still,  you have to appreciate your supervisor.

You can mention your institutions and the branch you are working with. It is necessary to mention your institution. So, before writing the thesis acknowledge you should keep in mind the above things. 


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