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How to Write on a PDF Document


PDF form creators allow people to create new PDF documents from scratch or downloadable templates. Users can search a database for an appropriate template and then download it to a PDF editor. In the editor, users can change things like the text, font and font size, the overall format and content of the document. These changes can be saved and the document can be sent or shared with anyone the user wants. The applications for these PDF templates are almost endless since PDF editors allow people to change everything and anything about a particular template. 

Edit a Document

The main way to edit PDF files is with a dedicated PDF editor, whether an online program or desktop software. But there are other ways to make small changes to a PDF that do not require users to download or install new programs. Users can also use a PDF viewer to make changes to the text, but only corrective changes like highlighting, underlining, or striking through certain parts of the text. 

Users can also open a PDF file with Google Docs and make more substantial changes to the text, like adding or removing the text since the program converts the file to Google Docs. Users can only make changes to the text. They will not be able to make changes to the format or layout or add things like images or graphics to the document. 

Review or Approve a Document on The Go

PDF documents are often the preferred way for people to share important files like contracts, legal agreements, and financial records. Their usability and compatibility with many different devices and operating systems mean that PDFs are often the preferred way that people share this kind of information. 

The fact that many PDF editors like Lumin PDF have a downloadable app makes it even easier for people to access these documents whenever and wherever they are. A program like Lumin is compatible with both Android and iOS systems so anyone can download it to their device and make changes to their PDF files or add a digital signature to approve a document or contract. 

Sign a Document

PDF documents are meant to be unchangeable but with the rise of online PDF editors and other editing, software users can make many changes to a PDF. They can not only add or remove text, add or remove design elements like graphs, tables, and images, they can also install security features like watermarks and even password-protect their most sensitive information. 

Another thing that people can add to a PDF is a digital signature. As PDFs are used widely to create documents like contracts or project proposals, they can easily be sent to the concerned parties who can then add a unique signature to them. They can use a stylus to write their signature and then save it to a PDF editor and add it anytime they need to sign a document. 

They can also upload an image of their usual signature and keep it on file with a PDF editor to simply add it to any document they want. Lumin, for example, lets people keep several signatures on file so they can simply choose them from a drop-down list and add their signatures safely and quickly. 


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