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How To Use Instagram Stories Question Stickers For Your Brand

In July, Instagram introduced the Questions Sticker, an interactive method for your friends to send questions to you to be able to. The idea behind the feature is to provide an exciting new approach to interacting with your followers and friends in a new way, different from the traditional message inbox.

How do they work?

The question sticker is activated by choosing the option from the stickers tray at the lower right of your screen while in Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia and  Stories. Select”Questions? “Questions?” option and enter the message you would like to share with your followers. Many users have an open-ended questions such as “I’m waiting for the bus, ask me questions!”

To view the responses to your prompt, look for the answers in your story’s viewer list. Then, questions will begin to appear. Click on any question you’d like to respond to, and the question you’re addressing will be displayed in your story. Although you can view who has submitted questions, the viewers won’t see any of the usernames or photos when you choose to answer.

What are the best ways for brands to use Instagram Stories Questions?

There have been instances of personal brands using questions to connect with their followers by having their friends ask them the most pressing questions. So what do brands have to say? What can brands do with Instagram Stories Questions to engage with their fans?

Here are five ways that brands can use Instagram Stories to help their customers. Instagram Stories Questions feature…

1. Run a Question and Answer Session

A no-brainer This is a great idea, but it’s a good one to test!

Create a blog post to post via your Instagram feed, inviting the followers of your feed to come along in an answer-and-question session with a specified timing and date (ideally after 24 hours of posting). On the moment and date, you will announce to the public on Instagram Stories that the Session of questions and answers will begin. Then, for 30 minutes, you will respond to any questions asked to you by followers. You can do this by video, or even reply by text (or some combination of both!)

A Q&A session is an excellent opportunity to add value to your followers and also Instagram Followers Malaysia.

2. Use Question Stickers to Encourage Feedback

This is particularly useful when you run the distinction of a B2C business. There is nothing more valuable than Feedback from consumers! For example, if you’re planning to launch a new release of a service or product, it is possible to collect Feedback from your fans and customers of your company or the brand.

We’ve seen many great examples of brands seeking Feedback from their customers via Question Stickers. For instance, Calpak is an online company that designs and manufactures clothing for travelers (suitcases and much more) and also has an Instagram strategy that incorporates a large amount of Feedback from users.

Recently, Calpak asked their followers which cities they would like to visit next, what content they would like to get the most on Instagram, and much more.

3. Increase Engagement of Your Instagram Stories

As the Instagram algorithm changes weekly, it is the Instagram Stories engagement that may shortly impact the feed algorithm overall. While it’s unclear whether the amount of attention on Instagram Stories has played a role in the feed’s algorithm yet, it is clear that increasing the number of Stories you share isn’t a bad idea!

Posting a question sticker to Instagram Stories once or twice each week will help improve general engagement on Stories. Try it out and see if it helps your account!

4. Get To Know Your Followers

Instagram Question Stickers can help you connect with your followers through an exchange, a crucial 1:1 conversation.

If you’ve got a customer who asks you questions frequently, take note of them being active. It is possible to send the conversation and direct messages to engage them further and get to know them better and their interests. You could also post a follow-up message after the question to ask your customers for advice or to allow them to discuss their opinions regarding your services or products.

5. Create a contest on Instagram Stories

Utilizing Question Stickers does not have to be used for conversation. It’s just a matter of. Instead, make use of Instagram Stories to organize contests.

If you’re an establishment that serves food, you can earn an ROI by offering an annual gift card worth $100 as a reward for email addresses. To make this more exciting for your customers, think about asking them questions to gain entry into your contest. For example, you can ask them questions such as, “What’s your favorite dish?” or “What would you like to see as our next weekly special?”

The idea of running a contest on Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to get more people to participate and use Instagram Question Stickers in a meaningful manner. Instagram Stories are an excellent method to interact with your followers. Questions Stickers are a better method of engaging with your followers. We recommend that you differentiate your brand from other brands in this market, and staying up-to-date with trends will make the Instagram account and your overall plan as thought-leaders within your industry. If you’ve not yet tried Instagram Questions stickers, think about taking a look this week!


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