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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom in 7 Clever Ways

A bathroom is an essential room in every home. You need to update it from time to time to ensure it meets the needs of everyone in your home. But then, it might be tricky to remodel your bathroom space if it is small and you feel like it leaves you with few options.

The good news is that it is something you can do almost effortlessly. You only need the proper guidance and insight from people who’ve remodeled small bathrooms before. This article will discuss the best tips to help you create the bathroom space you desire.

Here are the tips you need to start remodeling your small bathroom today.

  1. Determine Your Style

Your bathroom remodel doesn’t start with installing various items. It begins with determining the style you want to achieve. It is vital to know how you want the space to look beforehand. It will help you create an ideal bathroom space that fits your lifestyle and meets all your needs.

For instance, some people want a uniquely modern look that wows guests. Others need a classic, timeless look in their bathroom spaces. So, you need to understand the style you would like to achieve with your remodel. It will also guide you on the items to buy and fit into your space.

  1. Clear Out Any Clutter

One of the first steps you should take is to clear out any clutter. Small bathrooms require proper and thorough organization to look great. The reason for this is that clutter makes them even smaller and uncomfortable to spend time in. So, you should identify items that you do not need in the bathroom and get rid of them.

Those items that you need should get placed in strategic places. For instance, identify one spot for your products—for body, hair, and the likes. Also, identify another area for storing your towels. It will help you have enough space to introduce more essential bathroom items like showers and tubs.

  1. Introduce a Bathtub

One of the items you can introduce to the bathroom is a bathtub. But you might be thinking that a bathtub will take up a lot of space. Stand-alone tubs are the best for small bathrooms as they do not require big spaces. You can therefore start looking for a stand-alone tub and shower.

A freestanding tub in a small bathroom will bring the luxury you desire. Introducing a small freestanding tub to your space won’t overwhelm your space. But ensure you choose the best when purchasing one. To get the best results, ensure it is functional and suits your lifestyle.

  1. Install Space-Saving Items

Buying items for your small bathroom can be a daunting task. You need to consider the amount of space at your disposal. Invest in small items since you are working with limited space. For instance, if you want a bathtub, go for a small freestanding tub to save space in your bathroom.

Also, you can do the same for other bathroom items. In short, look beyond how beautiful an item looks. If you find it too big, ask if the seller can customize a similar one for your space. That will make it easier to achieve the desired look without taking up too much space in your bathroom.

  1. Avoid Too Many Decorations

Decorations are suitable for bathrooms just like they are for other rooms. But it is easy to overdo it when adding some to your small bathrooms. It is essential to understand that the smaller a space is, the lesser the decorations it needs. Otherwise, it will end up looking cluttered.

It is also easy to make the space feel closed-in if you have too many decorations. Thus, if you want to add some wall art, add two or three. Also, it would be best if you went for minimalistic wall art. That will help you save space and make your small bathroom look much bigger.

  1. Buy a Wall-Mounted Toilet

Source: Pixabay

This is another bathroom item that can help you save space. Wall-mounted toilets are excellent for small bathroom spaces. You will find them installed in most commercial spaces. But adopting them for your home bathroom can also be a good idea if you have limited bathroom space.

A wall-mounted toilet comes with many other benefits besides saving space. One is that it is easier to clean than other types of toilets. But you might need to invest more to purchase this type of toilet. Also, you will need an expert for installation since it requires special plumbing.

  1. Seek Professional Services

Sometimes you cannot do everything by yourself. If you haven’t done a remodel for a small bathroom, this is so. You might find everything from choosing the right items to installing them an uphill task. Also, you might find organization difficult, which will leave you with little space.

The best option is to work with an expert. You can find a professional to help you choose the style you’ll go with. They can help you choose the best bathtubs from various stand-alone tubs. Last but not least, they’ll help you fit every item you purchase into your space.

Start Remodeling Your Small Bathroom Today With These Tips

Those are some of the best ways to remodel a small bathroom. This article has gone deeper into the subject and provided expert tips for you. Thus, all you need to get started is equipment. We mentioned items like freestanding bathtubs, which can be helpful when remodeling.

Also, do not forget the various freestanding tub accessories you might need. For instance, you can buy a freestanding tub faucet, which is a good addition. The aim should be to make your bathroom space as fancy as possible. That’s possible with the tips shared in this post.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to do it yourself if you can outsource. Find someone with experience in remodeling bathrooms. A professional with expertise in small bathroom spaces will be ideal for your needs. They’ll help you get good results by the end of the bathroom remodel project at a small fee.


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