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How to rank SEO content

SEO content is important as it helps you rank high in search engines. But if you struggle in ranking SEO content, we can help you with that. Here we will tell you the strategy to rank SEO content. Let’s dive in!

4 step strategy to rank SEO content: 

  • Always go for keywords optimization 
  • Content optimization is necessary 
  • Technical ranking factors should be checked 
  • Don’t forget to improve links

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  1. Always go for keywords optimization

Optimizing for the proper keywords is the first and perhaps most crucial component of your SEO approach.  Do some research and look for high-volume keywords with a low SD and a high CPC.

  • Use keywords in the title

Include your keyword in the title as the first and most basic technique to optimize for it.

The closer it is to the start of the heading, the more chance it has of ranking high in Google’s results. In each article, use the term a few times. It’s entirely up to you how many times you use the keyword. Just make sure it seems natural and appears at least once in the first few paragraphs of your blog post.

  • Use LSI keywords

Using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords is a more complex strategy for getting your content to rank well in Google. These are keywords that Google uses to assess the quality and scope of the material you’ve created. Look at the bottom of the search results for these LSI keywords.

  • Use keywords in H2 or H3 headings

Good articles are divided into parts and have heads and subheads which are known as H2 or H3 headings. Make sure to include keywords in your subheadings to convince Google that your post covers the keyword you’ve supplied. Using keywords in subheadings can be beneficial.

  1. Content optimization is necessary 

Google’s search algorithm is continually changing. To ensure that you remain at the top of the search results page, you must look beyond today’s methods and concentrate on long-term plans that will keep you there.

  • Increase content length

Despite what you’ve probably heard about blog visitors preferring concise information, the truth is that the best-ranking SEO articles are lengthy. The best stuff is in-depth. This form of content is more user-friendly and, as a result, ranks higher in Google.

  • Enhance content readability

While length is important, Google also considers how easy your content is to read.

Of course, this differs per industry. It’s time to simplify your writing if you’re employing jargon that isn’t necessary for the industry or topic you’re writing about.

It’s a free approach to verify the readability of your material. Keep your blog pieces around the 6th-grade reading level unless they’re technical.

  • Don’t forget to update content with time

The world is continuously changing, and Google aims to provide its users with the most up-to-date information possible. You should update your articles on a regular basis to improve their Google rankings. This does not have to be a time-consuming procedure. All you have to do is make a few modifications to the WordPress post, and Google will notice.

  1. Technical ranking factors should be checked

While the visible aspects that boost your rankings are easy to observe, there are more tactics to keep in mind.

Some tactics will help your content rank higher behind the scenes.

You can improve your article’s Google rating by optimizing these technical ranking variables.

  • Use the main keyword in the URL and make it readable 

The URL is the most overlooked aspect of your material. The majority of website owners ignore this, however, you can take advantage of how Google and its users perceive your URL. Make your URLs stand out from the crowd. This is advantageous since Google can recognize the terms in the URL, and consumers are more likely to click on related links.

  • Add an irresistible meta description

If you don’t include a description, Google will display a random snippet from your post.

This isn’t usually the type of message you want to send to potential readers. Instead, build a custom phrase that appears in the search results. A meta description is what this is called. With tools like the Yoast SEO plugin, you may change the SEO title, URL (slug), and meta description.

  • Images should be optimized 

Optimizing the photos you’ve used is an often-overlooked approach to improve your article’s Google search ranking. Even if you simply have one or two images, you may immediately improve your SEO results by optimizing them.

  1. Don’t forget to improve links

One of the most effective off-page SEO techniques is the links that lead to each of your articles. There are various methods for increasing your link popularity, each of which is good.

  • Create backlinks by promoting content

Obtaining numerous backlinks from different sources is the best strategy to improve your article’s search engine rankings. Including links to other articles in your articles is one of the simplest methods to do this. Let the owner of the site you referenced know you’ve linked to him or her when you add these links.

  • Keep doing internal linking

Internal linking is the quickest and easiest technique to boost your article’s links.

While convincing others to connect to your content is challenging, you may do so for free on your own website. Google will be able to simply crawl your site and locate the greatest material you have to offer as a result of this.

  • Either remove or fix broken links

If you have links to a wonderful page that no longer exists, you should replace them as quickly as feasible. There are a few tools that might assist you in finding broken links.


Now you know the whole process to rank SEO content, you can decide better if you would like to perform the process on your own or outsource to any SEO company India / foreign. Choose whatever suits you the best but don’t forget to apply SEO to rank content. 


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