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How to Overcome Mercury’s Next Retrograde: Dec. 13- Jan. 1

The heavens and specific celestial events influence your daily life in powerful and sometimes hidden ways. The movements of stars, planets and comets might have consequences for your finances, your love life and your career path, so it pays to hone your awareness of these matters. The coming retrograde motion of Mercury illustrates this point. Through awareness and understanding, and the use of psychic readings, you can overcome negative fallout and take advantage of positive powers that follow from this important event. 

Being Open & Honest in Relationships

The apparent backward motion of Mercury in the sky, known as retrograde, has an ancient stigma associated with this movement. Many observers believe this period of retrograde motion results in failed communications and misunderstandings among friends and loved ones. For those who tend to panic during this time, the results could turn into chaos. Fortunately, you have many paths to counter the influence of Mercury during this time.

The first tool involves an awareness of the sky events. With this knowledge, you can make a series of wise choices during this potentially turbulent period:

  • Exercise caution
  • Take things slowly
  • Consult your daily horoscope
  • Keep things in perspective

This also might be a good time to speak with an astrology psychic with intimate knowledge about your sign and how retrograde motion could influence you. Psychic readings for Aries, for example, will look closely at how current events will influence the first sign of the zodiac. If you came into the world between the dates of March 21st and April 9th you have Mars as your ruling planet and you might notice that perseverance is one of your main strengths. A reading could tell you how to better cope with the strange disturbances caused by retrograde motion during this period.

Stay Talkative & Open-Hearted

The best general advice during this period involves remaining true to your intrinsic nature. Place added emphasis on open and honest communication to counter the possibility of misunderstandings that could sow division. Each zodiac sign will have different strategies for dealing with retrograde phases.

For psychic readings for Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, with birth dates from June 22nd to July 22nd, the advice might center around your strengths of relying on friends and family. You will want to avoid your worst traits at this time and watch out for a tendency to lapse into moodiness. You might also gain strength from the pearl gemstone, which enhances focus and integrity, important qualities during times of upheaval.

Retrograde motions for several planets come and go. If these periods take you by surprise, you might notice a faint pull that throws you off balance. An awareness of important sky events and patterns can help you adjust in subtle ways and reach equilibrium in your life.

To stay on the best path, it always helps to have good information. Consult your horoscopes and your birth chart and speak with a trusted guide. These strategies will help you overcome negative vibrations in the cosmos.


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