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How to Maximize Visitor Engagement on Tradeshows and Exhibitions?

Tradeshows and exhibitions are very important business events for all kinds of brands and businesses. New startups and small businesses take best advantage from these public events. Also, depending on the size and nature of the exhibition, larger companies participate as well. So, visitor engagement is one of the most important aspects of tradeshows and exhibitions.

To maximize engagement from everyone who visits your booth is the ultimate goal. This engagement can be key to the success of your tradeshow or exhibition booth. So, what can you do to keep your audiences and visitors engaged for longer periods of time? We have some professional tips that can help you achieve just that. Read below to find out more:

Use Discreet but Affective Signage and Print Media

Signage and print media are very important features for any public event booth. These can make or break any event. Use too much in the face signage and they will distract people away. Too less signage and display advertisement at events can never get the message across.

So, what you need is discreet but still very affective signage for tradeshow booths. Visitor engagement is something that needs to be worked on. You need to attract interested people to your booth. Make sure to give all your signage and print media a test run before executing on the day.

Also, the coloring and effectiveness of the signage plays a vital role. You need to select branding very carefully. Make sure to display your brand properly and main products and services as well. Signage and branding done right can attract people while also boost engagement with them.

Select the Right Tech Devices for Visitor Engagement

Keeping people engaged is always about conveying the right message with the right tools. Technology devices have proven time and time again to be great attention pullers. Different kinds of tech devices can help boost engagement on your tradeshow and exhibition booths.

You need to make sure right kinds of devices are selected for that tradeshow booth. Large screens will always be some of the most obvious ones depending on booth setups. iPads, laptops, VR devices and others can also play a vital role. So, make sure to select the right tech devices for tradeshow booths.

However, buying these pricey tech devices on their full prices can be rather expensive. You need tech hire companies that can offer these devices at cheap rental prices. These rental offers can save money while make your tradeshow booth the most attractive amongst competition.

iPad Rentals Offer Great Versatility

For public events like tradeshows and exhibitions, devices like iPads are great choices. iPads are Apple’s best tablet devices that not only boost product or service displays but also help boost visitor engagement as well. These devices are great tools to display all kinds of content attractively.

Again, prices of iPads are going up. The new iPad Pro is upwards of thousand dollars. However, businesses can use iPad Hire services for tradeshows and exhibition booths. These services allow the usage of iPads at much lower rental prices.

Laptop Hire Are Great Devices for Visitor Engagement

For public events like tradeshows, using laptops to display your content in interactive ways is a great idea. Depending on the nature of your business, products or services, laptops might be the best devices. So, what you need is to setup laptop booths or areas where visits can get what they need.,

For maximized visitor engagement, laptop hire is a great service. All modern laptops come with great displays, handy hardware features and best software options. So, all of these combine to make business events like tradeshows and exhibitions more engaging for visitors.

Create Attractive Realistic Booth Design Themes

Tradeshow and exhibition booths are all about attracting maximum attraction. You need to make your booth stand out from the rest. We visited a tradeshow booth that had driving safety app displayed just recently. They created a full-scale driving wheel with virtual reality driving experience.

Realistic tradeshow booth display ideas like this have the real ability to boost visitor engagement. However, these themes might have some costs to them. Also, once you get people spending more time at your booths, all that investment can be recouped with lots of sales leads.

Take the Right People in Your Team for Visitor Engagement

One of the best things you can do for any tradeshow booth to boost people engagement is to take the right team. You need to create the right team for tradeshow booth tasks. Make sure to also test this team. Prior experience will help identity the most skilled people.

Someone great in the office might not be the perfect tradeshow booth team member. These are discreet skills that don’t necessarily come to everyone. So, make sure to have the best audience grabber, product or service presenter, a sales closer and a record keeper. This team will help.


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