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How To Make Bugs Stay Away From Your Kitchen

Do you want to know why bugs and other pests are getting into your house even though you or a pest control company is treating it? There is nothing worse than opening a bag of flour or a cereal box and seeing disgusting bugs crawling around inside. These are the pantry pests, and they are a lot more common than one can think. While these bugs do not harm people, they will contaminate, spoil food, furniture, and spread through the pantry quickly. 

You must have known about some of the main ways bugs and pests may be getting into your house even though you are treating it with pesticides, or maybe you have a commercial company that comes out to your home and treats it for you. The three main ways bugs and pests can get into your house are probably what most people look for. To deal with this problem, we have figured out the fundamental issues. 

Old wood is home to bugs

Bugs can live in the wood; therefore, the old wood can easily be affected. So, you can not assume that the Forevermark cabinetry is not safe from bugs. Kitchen cabinetry has lots of variety to choose from, where you can use it, and it does many things with several essential features. But bugs have nothing to do with the designs and features of your kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the proper measures to keep these bugs away from your cabinets. 

Identify Common Points

So there are three of the most common entry points for bugs to get into your kitchen. To find those points, you must walk around your house and look for any possible entry points that are not sealed. Check the seal around all exterior doors. If you can see the light or feel the air, you better believe that the bugs can get in the way. You can fix this by installing more enormous seals, adding seals that never existed, and possibly having to readjust the door itself as on installation. There can be tiny holes with a minimum diameter that can cause considerable damage. 

Identify Cracks

Look for cracks in the foundation of your cabinetry. Tiny bugs like ants can easily use these to gain entry into your cabinets, and the easy way to fix this is by adding a filler like caulk to the crack. But if you have a brick wall kitchen and have gaps in your joints, you can use a mortar to fix those. If you have to weep holes, they can be letting in bugs and even mice, but do not use caulk on these as the weep holes allow moisture out from between the brick and your interior wall. There will be all kinds of meshes that you can buy to fill the weep holes but still allow the house to breathe. These cracks can weaken the cabinet floor, panels, and door more, mainly when applied pressure. 

Check Pipes

Check all pipes and conduits running into the order kitchen cabinets online Barringtonand the whole house. It includes electrical conduit, PVC piping, and gas lines. If you find any shrunk, you can use caulk and refill it, which you can do with all the other possible entry points. Another place where almost all of the bugs can come through is your kitchen exhaust vents. The way you found this, rush to seal this off, is by unscrewing it and removing it from the soffit. Then you can take a regular patio screen that you can find at any home improvement store and cut it into the size needed to fit into the vent cover.

Once that’s cut, you can take a gun and go around the whole perimeter of the vent cover and then press the screen down. You can also use contact cement or even a hot glue gun. You can use the same method on your floor and ceiling vents as they are also known to let plenty of bugs enter. So these are some of the main ways to keep bugs and pests out of your house.

Final Thoughts

The bugs, especially the pantry pests, are tiny, sometimes invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, identifying the common problems, cracks, and pipes can help prevent your cabinets. If you have an outside kitchen in the spring or summer season, you may notice carpenter bees buzzing outside the homes. They are generally harmless but bore into the wooden cabinets, which leads you to say to yourself that the  Forevermark cabinetry can be used to lay their eggs. Using careful observation with simple prevention, you can get your worries off. Also, do not hesitate to contact the pest controller professionals to help you out. 


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