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How to Install Automatic Doors in Commercial Buildings

If you are looking to install an automatic door in your commercial building, you should understand its different installation methods and the different specifications it has. Automatic Doors are generally hung from above head tracks and don’t connect to the floor plane. On the other hand, single sliding doors are mounted on one side of the building and do not connect with the floor plane. Metal frames are also available and may be installed on both the floor and overhead planes. When choosing between swing and sliding doors, consider the installation method that works best for your situation.

Automatic Door have many benefits for commercial buildings. They save energy as they open and close automatically. They prevent heat from escaping through an open door. They also prevent cool air from entering a building, preventing dust from entering. This makes Automatic Doors a great option for buildings that need to keep the temperature of the building at a specific level. This way, everyone can remain comfortable. In addition to the energy and convenience, automatic doors are also hygienic, helping keep the air clean in a building.

As Buy Automatic Doors are equipped with electric drives, they are considered machines under the Machinery Directive. These devices have special safety requirements and require frequent maintenance. The German standard DIN EN 16005 implements the European standard EN 16005 and sets design requirements for automatic doors. These standards are much stricter than the US standard EN 18650, which is also legally applicable in Germany. It is recommended that automatic doors in high-traffic areas undergo a minimum of twice-yearly maintenance.

There are many different types of automatic doors. Some work by detecting the movement of people and objects as they approach the door. Others work by detecting pressure or images, while some are motion-activated. Depending on your preferences, automatic doors can be configured to remain open permanently or open based on a timer. These doors can also be set to open automatically whenever there is motion. However, you must be careful while installing automatic doors.

When working properly, automatic doors respond to a variety of sensors. They may respond to a command from an access control system, mobile app, or a manual trigger. They also can respond to movement to keep doors in the closed or open mode until the sensors are cleared. While these doors have many benefits, they must still be installed properly in order to ensure safety. You should always consult an expert to ensure that the automatic doors you purchase are safe and efficient.

The installation of an automatic door requires a thorough training of staff. It should be accompanied by a formal field demonstration. The manufacturer of the automatic door should send a representative to the installation site to provide hands-on training. Management should also ensure that all members of staff are properly trained and familiar with the equipment. The installation team should also provide owners with comprehensive manuals detailing the operation and special features of the automatic doors. In addition, most manufacturers strongly suggest getting a service contract with their automatic doors.


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