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How to Increase Followers On Instagram Without Following?

Without second thoughts, Instagram is one of the greatest platform to get your brand or content popular among your targeted audience. This social media network enables people to post captivating and engaging content and visuals with a wide range of filters and captions to engage audiences from all around the world.

However, how successful you are with a platform depends on the number of followers you get for your presence When it comes to gathering followers, most people use simple methods like following others hoping that they will return the favor too. This method is not very promising as there is no guarantee that others will follow you too. Also, if you’re looking forward to becoming a public figure, having more people in following than followers surely won’t look good.

This brings us to the question if it is possible to get Instagram followers without following others and we’re sure you must have wondered this at some point right? Of course, yes! This article will tell you about the main tactics you can follow to develop an efficient strategy for increasing your Instagram followers. Let’s start!

Post Engaging Content:

You might have heard this before and the idea of regular posting on your Instagram account sounds pretty obvious. However, most people fail in this area, not posting as much as they should. Apart from the algorithm, this lack of regular posting is one of the main reasons that become a hurdle in building a loyal fan base.

Without second thoughts it can be said that the more frequent you post, the more you capture your audience’s attention. Most people use Instagram 24/7 checking it every once in a while, so it is vital for you to keep your profile busy so you appear frequently in their newsfeed at least once a day. Your previously content, for obvious reasons is less likely to be discovered by the audience

Post frequently and stay easy to be found

Another thing to keep in mind is that people do a search using hashtags, but not as much as you think. The use of hashtags is much more common on sites like Pinterest rather than fun apps like Instagram where people come for hassle-free entertainment only. For this reason, your recent posts are more likely to get attention from your followers and other visitors than your older posts.

All your recent posts should be interesting enough to make a person share them. Never forget that the better your quality is, the better your chances are to capture the audiences’ attention. 

Consider the day and time:

Other factors that matter a lot are the time and the schedule you make to post your content. This has been mentioned by several well-reputed social media strategists that Tuesday and Thursday evenings are the best time in the week for making your posts live.

This, by no means, encourages you to not post every day, but it is rather something that might give you the best chance and way to connect with your audience as soon as they get up in the morning, or after they come back home after work, and check their social handles.

Use Attractive Thumbnails To Your Videos

People do click only when they found something interesting. So therefore your thumbnail of your videos must be eye-catchy. Making an attractive thumbnail with stunning headlines can help you to click more viewers. If you don’t know how to make eye-catchy thumbnails then use the thumbnail maker mobile app or you can also use online free thumbnail creators.

Buy real Followers:

Some time ago, this method would’ve seemed impossible to many but thanks to technology and websites like Sociotraffic that this method is becoming more and more popular among youtube creators and Instagram influencers.

You can buy youtube likes or Instagram followers, all with just a few taps on the screen of your smartphone. Analyses tell that this method has been the most rapid and hassle-free to make your content reach maximum people without waiting for years. The only thing you have to be careful about is finding a suitable and secure company.

How to buy real youtube subscribers?

You’ll find many companies in the USA claiming to deliver authentic likes but most of them are not authentic. They’re either scams or their process is so slow and irritating that it kills the whole point of reducing the hassle to worry.

However, there’s nothing to worry about now because SocioTraffic is just a click away. We allow you to buy likes on youtube or followers on Instagram without having to worry about authenticity and waiting for too long.

Why choose SocioTraffic?

Sociotraffic is one of the oldest websites and undoubtedly the best in business. Over the years dueto our exceptional services, we have been ableto become one of the best platforms to deliver real and 100% authentic social media likes, followers, and subscribers which are targeted according to the nature of your content.

Using the safest white hat methods to get social media followers, we also provide extra likes and follows just in case you lose any. 

To wrap Up:

Considering all that is mentioned above, you’ll see progress in no time. You just have to adopt a clever approach and that’s it. 



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