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How to Impress Guests During an Upcoming Party at Home


Hosting a party at your home is a stressful situation. However, it’s a great opportunity to show off your home, especially the interior. 

Some individuals live for hosting parties. But even they admit that hosting requires finesse. 

As the host, you can dazzle attendees in several ways. 

  • First, remember to dress the part. 
  • Second, assess the state of your home’s interior. 
  • Next, pick a theme. 
  • Lastly, take action.


We offer nine tips on how to impress guests during an upcoming party at your home.

1. Revamp the Interior Design

Sometimes an interior redesign is a reason for throwing a party. It’s the easiest way to gather a group of people and show off the new look. After all, a redesign is an investment. You do it for yourself; you also do it to impress guests.

In other cases, having a soiree is the motivation to revamp the home’s interior. 

To impress your guests, upgrade the interior before the event. It’s not necessary to re-do the entire home. However, it helps to spruce up the living room, dining room, or foyer. 

Consider a new coat of paint for the walls or adding new trim.

Another option is to acquire a luxury piece of furniture, decor, or furnishing. For example, high-end rugs continue making their way into people’s homes. They add elegance, comfort, and turn into an investment. 

View some rug options at Lawrence of La Brea online.

2. Clean, especially the Bathroom

As a reminder, before a gathering ensure that you thoroughly clean your home. Your guests will notice that there is no speck of dust sitting on any surface. 

Dust, pollutants, and particles float in your home daily. You can’t get rid of the things flying in the air 100%. Instead, you can minimize them and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Give your place a good dusting and scrubbing the day before your event. Then, set up the chairs, tables, and decorations. 

In addition, it’s a good time to move things you don’t want guests to spill on, lean against, or touch. 

However, you can bring out the high-end art, decor, and furniture you recently acquired and want to show off. Simply find a way to protect it. For example, a glass case looks beautiful and acts as a protective barrier.

While you clean, pay special attention to the bathroom. Go the extra mile by adding more soap, hand towels, and hidden scents in the room. Make it inviting and comfortable.

3. Clear the Remaining Clutter

Everyone has clutter in their home. If you’re not ready to part with it, hide it. Beautiful storage exists in 2022 that hides clutter and doubles as decor.

Whether you pick a bookshelf, hutch, or credenza, place it somewhere convenient. If you don’t want your guests placing their drinks and food on it during the party, move it out of the way.

Vertical storage options have gained steam over the last few years too including vertical pull-out cabinets. 

You can also acquire tables with hidden compartments. They keep your things out of sight and safe.

4. Plan the Right Menu

A party that has food always makes guests happy. However, ensure that you pick the right menu. 

For a cocktail party, consider serving meatballs, chicken empanadas, and bite-sized chicken with waffles. Then, give guests access to plenty of napkins and trash bins.

If you’re having a sit-down dinner, opt for three to five courses. For a three-course meal, start with soup, move to a meat entree, and finish with a scrumptious dessert.

5. Set the Table

Whether or not you have a sit-down dinner, set the table. You can place the dinner, snacks, or drinks on it for a cocktail party. For a sit-down dinner, turn the table into a piece of art for guests to admire before they sit down.  

Decorate the table with a table runner, China, and high-end cloth napkins.

6. Establish the Bar Area

Most American homes built after World War II have an open layout. This means that you can partition your living room into several spaces. For an event that must impress the guests, set up a bar area.

Include a:

  • Bar cart
  • Stools
  • Glass storage shelf
  • Small refrigerator
  • Table

Then stock it with your favorite adult beverages including beer, wine, champagne, and mixers.

7. Set the Mood with Lighting

Candles remain a popular way to set the mood during a gathering and while you’re home relaxing. 

Pick your favorite from:

  • Tea lights
  • Pillar
  • Taper
  • Floating
  • Flameless

Combine the candles with lamps, sconces, and overhead lights.

If you hang a chandelier in the main room, it will become a talking piece. Plus, it gives off a healthy amount of light.

8. Play Music in the Background

For many people, attending a gathering of any size is an anxious situation. Therefore, hosts must make their guests feel welcome and special. If they see someone hanging against the wall, hosts should introduce them to other guests.

It keeps things flowing. Moreover, everyone has a good time.

Playing music in the background is another way to create a mood. Plus, guests can talk about it. 

In this age of apps and streaming, it’s easy to find a playlist on an online music service including free options. Simply enter some keywords that match your party and its theme. Popular keywords include “background music,” “dinner party,” and “cocktail.”

9. Mix Up the Guest List

Even if your event is family-centric, consider mixing up the guest list. Parties double as networking events; some individuals don’t get out much. Putting them in the same room with food and drinks allows guests to mingle in a safe and comfortable environment.

When people network, they tend to stay within their professional circle. One tip Patricia Altschul from the reality TV show Southern Charm offers in her book The Art of Southern Charm is to invite people from different circles. 

For example, invite financial and art world professionals. Each brings a different perspective to each other’s line of work.


The reason for your upcoming party determines how you integrate the above tips. Nonetheless, impressing your guests starts with setting the scene. Maybe it’s your opportunity to spruce up the interior, or you want an audience for your recently revamped interior.


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