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How to Identify and Take Control of Your Business Niche

Nowadays, there are a number of ways to identify and build your place in a specific niche online.

And guess what? 

There’s plenty of market space to go around. 

According to Fundera, 1.79 billion people shopped online last year. Millennials now make 60% of purchases online, and ecommerce sales have been steadily rising since 2007.  

In other words:

There’s huge potential for anyone interested in identifying and taking control of their business niche to help create more success for their company. 

So in this post, we’re going to focus-in on exactly how you can go about building a digital marketing empire through the use of content marketing.

More specifically, content marketing through one of the big three evergreen content mediums:

  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging. 

We’re also going to talk about email marketing, and how to use it effectively. 

Now, keep in mind that the Internet gives almost everyone a plethora of opportunities to secure a space in their hyper-specific, desired niche.

But with content marketing, you can create your own platform, attract an audience, and sell products or services to those followers. 

Of course, to do this, you have to build your know, like, and trust factor

And one of the best ways to do that is through the creation of high-quality, helpful, valuable content.

So in this post, you’re going to learn the basics of how to accomplish this. 

1. Identify Your Niche 

This one is pretty simple. 

Choose your niche. 

The more specific you can get with it, the better.

Of course, there’s an art to this step. 

Some people aren’t sure what they want to build a business based around. 

The first clue is to look at the niche you’re most passionate about, and/or that you have the most knowledge/experience in.

What space could you actually enter and successfully provide value for future customers? 

That’s probably the space you want to think about first.

2. Start Creating Awesome Content 

This is where the work comes in. 

If you want to dominate a specific niche in the online business world, you need to create content. 

This is the hustle life of the 21st century. 

This is where the rubber really meets the road. 

Whoever produces more of the best optimized, most useful, most valuable content is probably going to be the person (or company) who establishes the dominant presence in their particular niche. 

Of course, if you’re just one person, you may need some help doing this.

Regardless of what medium you choose (podcasting, blogging, YouTube, or some combination of the three), you may need some help creating that much awesome content. 

Therefore, outsourcing may be the key to making ends meet in the labor/talent department.

Some people aren’t keen on outsourcing. But Inter is an example of a company that makes a compelling case for deploying freelancers to help with creative work.

They say this about it on their blog:

“The opportunities for contract hires are booming and shouldn’t be ignored. From one-off creative gigs to fractional finance managers, there have never been more opportunities for companies to capitalize on the booming gig economy.”

At the end of the day, content is truly the king. 

The more amazing content you create, and the better you optimize it, the better your odds will be of securing a top spot in your niche market space. 

3. Funnel Your Traffic To Your Website And Start Collecting Emails

Building an email list is an essential component to developing a strong presence in your market space. 

The best way to do this is by collecting emails through a funnel on your website.

Offer a ‘lead magnet’ (an electronic freebie) in exchange for email addresses. 

This could be a cheat sheet, an e-book, the first free chapter of your ultimate how-to guide, a quick start guide to success, or anything that brings value to your customers and helps them to achieve their goals. 

Once you start creating content and funneling traffic to your website to collect emails, you’ll be ready for the next step. 

4. Repeat, Proliferate, And Snowball

Once you start gaining that traffic and collecting emails, your next step is really to just snowball your efforts and proliferate your web presence to continue to grow your market space. 

You can also market directly to your email list. 

Use Gary Vaynerchuk’s jab, jab jab, right hook method to deliver value-packed emails to your audience that’ll help them to achieve their goals. 

Then, every once in a while, hit them with a ‘right hook’… an offer for a premium level product from your platform. 

Remember, it’s all about value.

The better you get at helping your customers to succeed, and the better you get at search engine optimization to help get your content found in the search engines, the better off your business will be—and the more likely you’ll be to establish a dominant place in your industry. 

5. Keep Creating And Improving 

Now it’s time to continue the process. 

  • Keep working. 
  • Keep creating. 
  • Keep adapting and getting better at what you do. 

If you keep up with this process, continuing to improve and continuing to churn out amazing content that brings value to your audience, you’ll be bound to secure a top spot in your target market. 

Just remember—it always goes back to the audience, and whether or not you’re actually creating value for them. 

The more value you can create for your audience, the better your odds will be of achieving top-level success. 


There you have it.

A quick start guide to identifying your niche, taking control of it, establishing a dominant place in your industry, and becoming a market leader in your specific business. 

All that’s left now is to get out there and get to work. 

The best news of all is that anyone can do it

As long as you have the passion and the drive, you can learn and follow this simple plan to create success for yourself. 

What’s stopping you?

Get out there and get it done. 

We believe in you.


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