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How to Grasp Popularity on Tiktok

Do you also like to make videos on Tiktok or do you enjoy spending time watching videos on it? Tiktok is a video sharing app on social media and now is the most popular app in the world. Kids love it and most adults don’t understand it but it sure is a famous platform. People nowadays seem to enjoy it and create content to entertain others with what they are good at even they earn with it. You just have to do some hard work by creating unique and creative content for example LAUREN HENRY is a beautiful tiktoker she makes cute videos that attract her audience and is popular on this platform. Let’s know what it takes to get you popular on Tiktok.

Tips to get fame

Find your niche

The first question for you is what is your niche or what you want to do after creating an account on Tiktok like you are good at dancing or acting or you want to make funny videos or create your content to be liked by the audience. Audiences like to watch what is suggested for them and the Tiktok algorithm is the button that suggests you watch videos that are in your niche. You have to pick your niche to get a targeted audience and creating unique and attractive content makes them follow you with no regrets.

Go with trends

Now Tiktok is all about trends. So if you want to get famous on Tiktok you need to take part in trends and follow them l. On your home page, you can find a discovery like thing in which when you open up you will find trending music and audios and hashtags make videos using these sound audios and hashtags. Hashtags play a better role like when you post your videos just put trending hashtags to them and you will get an audience that may want to follow if you are running a brand then remember 61% of people find brands likeable when they take part in Tiktok trends.

When to post?

It’s a thing! Successful tiktoker said that they post daily as they get more interaction after posting 5 to 6 videos every single day. When you post every time you get more opportunities to show up on others for your page and you get a more targeted audience to follow you and like you. It’s also important to know when your audience is most active. If you have a business account then you have an analytics like thing in which you can find all your audience activity and then you can post.


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