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How to Create Unique Christmas Boxes for Your Holiday Parties

When you think of Christmas boxes, you probably picture beautifully wrapped presents with ribbons. And bows in neat little packages all set to be given as gifts to loved ones during the holidays. These kinds of Christmas boxes can certainly be used at your next holiday party, but they aren’t the only way to go! With some clever planning and creative decorating, you can craft unique Christmas Boxes to use as décor at your party and even as take-home gifts for your guests! Let’s take a look at the different types of Christmas boxes you can create and then dive into how to make each one!

Thoughtful Gift Wrapping:

When it comes time to wrap up those presents, it’s important that you don’t just throw on a couple of bows and call it good. To create truly beautiful Christmas boxes, take your time with each one. It might seem a little tedious, but people appreciate well-wrapped gifts. Plus, your hard work will pay off in compliments (and maybe even some new business leads). Take time to find thoughtful gift tags that match your company’s branding and print them out.

 Place your gift in a custom printed gift bag, then put it into one of our custom-printed boxes. If you’re using them as giveaways, it’s a good idea to customize these with your company name and logo as well. And if you have some ribbon or other wrapping paper lying around that fits with your brand colors, feel free to use it. After all, most people don’t go through much trouble when they wrap their own presents.

 But don’t stop with just a beautiful box! Consider using sturdy ribbon or string and custom-printed tags as an alternative closure to tape or other kinds of tape. Custom-printed Christmas boxes can really bring your presents out in style, even if you skip decorating them further.

Christmas Boxes

Get Creative with Materials:

If you’re not up to creating your own Christmas boxes, don’t despair. Just check local thrift stores or craft shops. You may be able to find pre-made boxes in fun materials like Mason jars and shoe boxes. What will it cost? About $5 a box; that’s one heck of a deal! Don’t have time or an extra dime?

 Look on Pinterest and you’ll be amazed at what kind of cute box ideas there are. While gift cards can be so 20th-century, creative Christmas boxes make excellent gifts for teachers, co-workers, and friends. While your secret Santa recipient may not have time to make their own holiday box. You’re sure to score major brownie points when they see how much time. And thought went into creating theirs!

 While finding custom Printed boxes will be your easiest route. If you want something truly unique. It’s time to hit your craft stores or cut out on Pinterest. Make sure that when you make or purchase your holiday box. That it’s large enough and sturdy enough to hold whatever you decide to put inside.

Decorate With Lights:

An easy way to make your Christmas boxes stand out is by decorating them with lights and tree ornaments. That way, everyone will know exactly what they’re getting and where it came from. This decoration step is pretty inexpensive, too. So don’t shy away from it just because you think you’re being overly ambitious.

 Other fun ways to decorate your Custom Printed Boxes. Include gluing sparkles on them and cutting out words in your boxes that allude to what you’re filling them with. For example, if you’re putting candy canes in yours. Cut out Merry X-Mas or another holiday-inspired phrase from a sheet of paper and glue it onto your box.

 Another great way to add a touch of pizzazz to your custom Christmas boxes is by personalizing them with a sticker or label of some kind. While you may have no problems identifying which box belongs to you. ther people might not be able to tell which box is theirs so easily.

Use Interesting Labels

You’ve got a party coming up and you want to create memorable gifts or party favors for your friends and family. Custom Printed boxes can be just what you need. By using custom labels on your boxes, you can create one-of-a-kind Christmas boxes. This way, you won’t end up with a bunch of identical boxes in your possession when it comes time to head back out into gift-giving again next year.


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