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How to Cope Up with Exam Stress?

It is undeniably true that exam season comes with immense stress for students. Most students struggle with high-stress levels due to exams, which lessens their productivity and performance. Although, a little stress is crucial to keep yourself responsible. Yet, immeasurable stress can ruin your mental and even physical health, alongside your grades. Besides, stress can be in different shapes for students. For example, a doctoral student would stress over their final year research task. They would think nonstop can someone help me do my dissertation. On the other hand, for undergrads and grads, exams are the chief cause of stress.

Luckily, you can cope with exam stress in sensible ways. If you wonder how you can do it, do not worry because this article is all about dealing with exam stress. We will teach you how to cope with exam stress in the best possible ways. So keep reading this blog till the end and help yourself for free.

Exam Stress: How to Deal with It

Normal life stress is different, but exam stress is something you should not neglect. Many academic experts say that excessive stress ruins the exam performance of students. Also, it leads students to mental health problems and can be difficult to handle later. That is why you should eliminate stress from your life during exam season, and we will teach you how.

Many students complain they cannot perform well during the exam or their mind goes blank. It happens due to excessive stress, which makes dealing with exams difficult. If you eliminate this stress from your life, you can perform well in exams and secure top grades. Here are some tips to cope with exam stress efficiently.

Eat Properly

You might be wondering why the first piece of advice is about eating healthily. Well, your body and brain cannot properly function if you do not intake the needed nutrients. Not this only, whatever you eat affects your physique and emotions. It means if you eat something that is not good for your brain may increase stress levels. For example, if you intake foods that contain high fats or sugars, it can make you feel hefty or lazy. On the other hand, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and coconut are the best healthy study snacks.

Remember, if you skip eating meals and study for hours, stop doing this. It will not get you anything but higher stress levels and mental and physical issues. Thus, be sensible and consider eating nutritious foods during exam preparation to cope with stress.

Set Short-Term Goals

Setting goals is crucial to keep yourself on track and responsible. It also does not let stress take over your mind. Many students revise without setting any goals, which means they go with the flow. Sadly, it often leads them to procrastination, and crying is all they have left to do. Thus, set short-term goals, whether you have months, weeks, or days to prepare for your exams. Accept your situation and set goals accordingly. Else, the stress may take over you, and things will get out of hand.

Take Breaks

The fear of exams is understandable, but studying without breaks due to it is simply stupidity. It elevates your stress levels and makes you mentally and physically weak. Taking breaks is crucial, whether you study for exams or normal classes. You can go for a walk during your break session, watch a movie or listen to songs. Do whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed to get the maximum benefit from the breaks.  

Many students study nonstop during the exam session. They think the more they study, the lesser their stress will get. However, nonstop studying makes them numb and reduces productivity, which is why they cannot perform well during the exam. Thus, do not be that student who studies nonstop instead of being merciful upon their brain and body.

Believe in Yourself and Be Ready for Everything

Many students cannot perform well in their exams due to high-stress levels. Sometimes, it happens because they do not believe in themselves. The thought of failing or performing poorly in the exam takes over their mind and elevates stress. The simplest way to overcome this problem is to believe in yourself and be ready for everything. Tell yourself that you can do it like you always did before. You have come this far on your own, with your effort, not magically. Thus, you shall pass through this phase as well.

Moreover, one of the ideal ways to eliminate exam stress is to accept the fact that you will do your best. It means no matter what the exam scores will be, it will still be the best result. Tell yourself whatever happens in the exam will be best for you.

Get Sufficient Sleep  

Good sleep does not reduce stress levels but also helps you remember what you revised for your exams in the long run. If you are sleep deprived, you cannot focus during studying for your exams. Also, lack of sleep makes you lazy and numb. When people cannot do something properly, their start stressing about it. Thus, above everything, getting sufficient sleep can help you cope with exam stress. On the other hand, lack of sleep can make things even worse.

Study in a Group

Loneliness plays a crucial role in elevating stress levels. Many academic studies show that students who study alone have higher stress levels during exam season. On the other hand, group study can be fun and a stress killer. If you study in a group, you can seek help from your friends quickly without stressing about anything. Plus, friends always make things interesting and funny. Thus, to cope with exam stress, try studying in a group.


We hope this article offered a good guide on coping with exam stress. So keep putting in effort and know that stressing about things will get you nothing. For example, if a Ph.D. student starts to stress about their final year research and thinks if someone can help me do my dissertation, would it provide them any ease? In the same way, stressing about exams is not a way to secure top grades.


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