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How to Choose the Proper Driving Lesson: Automatic vs. Manual

The decision of whether to take lessons in manual or automatic transmission is a crucial one when you embark on your journey to becoming a licensed driver. Both transmission types are good and bad, but the decision you make will have a significant impact on your driving experience. This article will help you to decide whether manual or automatic driving lessons are best for you.

Manual Transmission Driving Lessons

Manual transmissions, also called stick shifts, require that the driver manually engages and disengages gears. This is done using a pedal, gear shifter, and clutch. Although learning to drive a manual car can be challenging, it offers many benefits.

  1. Better Control: Automatic transmissions give you greater control over your vehicle. You can decide how often to shift gears. That can be very useful when driving in hilly terrain or on off-road roads.
  2. Fuel Efficient: The manual transmission is often more fuel efficient than the automatic transmission. Drivers can select gears to maximize mileage, particularly on highways.
  3. Lower Maintenances Costs: Compared to automatic transmissions, manual transmissions are less complex and require lower maintenance. This can lower the cost of maintenance over time.

Automatic Transmission Driving Lessons

Automatic transmissions, on the other side, do not require the user to switch gears manually. Instead, the transmission automatically selects a gear according to the vehicle’s speed. Automatic driving courses have their advantages.

  1. Ease in Learning: Beginners can learn to drive automatic vehicles more efficiently since there’s no need to deal with a clutch pedal or gear shifter. It makes learning to drive more accessible for students, as they can focus on more critical aspects.
  2. Less Stress on the Road: The automatic transmission is instrumental in heavy traffic. Drivers can enjoy a relaxed commute because they won’t be constantly changing gears.
  3. User-Friendly: The automatic transmission is user-friendly for drivers regardless of age or ability. The automatic transmission is popular with those looking for a hassle-free driving experience.

How to Decide On the Right Type of Driving Lessons?

You can choose between manual or automatic lessons depending on your preferences, requirements, and personal circumstances. Here are some essential factors to think about:

  1. Future Preference for Vehicle: Decide what type of vehicle to buy after you get your driver’s license. If you’re planning on driving a manually-transmitted car or a specific vehicle only available with manual transmissions, it may be best to choose manual driving instruction.
  2. Traffic Conditions: Pay attention to the traffic situation in your neighborhood. If you live near a busy urban environment such as Burleigh Head, automatic learning might be the best option.
  3. Cost: Manually driven vehicles are less expensive. If you have a strict budget and intend to purchase a car in the near future, this may influence your choice.


The choice of whether to learn how to drive in manual or automatic mode can have a significant impact on the way you go. Both transmission types provide advantages. It’s up to you and your preferences which option is best for you, especially if it comes to finding the best driving school Burleigh Heads. It doesn’t matter if you take automatic or manual driving classes, your goal is still the same. You want to be a competent, confident, and responsible motorist. You should consider the factors mentioned above and seek advice from an experienced driving instructor before making any decisions. Make the right choice and enjoy a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving.


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