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How to choose the best baby name

Grab a cup of tea, and let me help you. Since 2005, I have been writing about baby names. Some even consider me an expert on the subject!

I have heard many parents speak in quiet tones about the pain and regret they feel over their baby names. Many parents fall for trendy names and regret it after signing them on their child’s birth certificate.

These parents are not your ideal parents. These are the top 10 rules for baby naming. You can choose black boy names regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl name.

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Name

Here are my top tips for choosing the right name for your baby:

  1. Do not follow the latest trends
  2. Don’t forget that classic names don’t have to be boring
  3. Take a look at the family tree
  4. Honour your culture
  5. Find meanings
  6. Consider all possible nicknames
  7. The importance of the middle name
  8. Remember to include your initials
  9. It’s important to say it in t loud
  10. Stress less

Learn more about each one of these rules by clicking the link below.

Avoid Passing Trends

The baby’s name should be able to withstand the test of time. Think about it: In 10 years, will this name sound ridiculous? Other children might be tempted by the name to chant it in a mocking tone in the schoolyard.

Avoiding trends include misspelled names (think Jakxsen, Rebekkah), random punctuation (Princess or D’Lilah), references to pop culture (Khaleesi), and word names that have a bizarre spelling twist (Diezel or Spontaneous) and hipster names (Amadeus or McCoy).

Research has consistently shown that unusual black girls’ names hurt your life. Marquette University researchers found that people with common names are more likely to get hired.

It is important to differentiate between names from different cultures as well as the invented or butchered epithets that I am describing. Both are very different and employers would be wise to not discriminate against the former.

Classic Names don’t have to be boring

While I recommend that you stick with classic names, it is not my intention to suggest that every child should be named Mary, Paul, and Peter. What would it be like to have a boring name?

Take a look at your Family Tree

Your family tree is another great place to find inspiration. Maybe your grandparents have family records that include family names, or perhaps one of your relatives has an online family tree. Take a look and see what catches your attention.

Honor Your Cultural Value

It is a wonderful way to honor your cultural heritage by choosing a name that you are proud of. Marisol and Javier are Spanish gems. Laurent and Elodie from France might be favourites.

Search for Meanings

This is a crucial step to ensure that you don’t choose a name that has a negative meaning. Giselle is a name you might like, but it can also mean “hostage”. Or that Cecilia is “blind” while Cameron means “crooked nostril”.

Contemplate All Possible Nicknames

One mom I spoke with said that Regina was her daughter’s name. She loved the royal sound of it. Regina was quickly nicknamed “Regina Vagina” by her classmates. To ensure that there aren’t any shocking possibilities.

The Importance of The Middle Name

While you may choose the middle name of your child based on its compatibility with their first and second names, it could also be used to honour a loved aunt or grandparent. It can also be used to “hide” a family tradition.

Don’t Forget About the Initials

Although it may sound trivial, the initials of your child are a crucial consideration. Alyssa Sydney Scott (A.S.S.) For example, a name like “Alyssa Sydney Scott” is not advisable. Fiona Mary Lawrence (F.M.L.), is also not a good idea.

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