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How to Choose A Good Pair Of Earphones?

All headsets have different features that affect their cost. Before choosing, you must determine which of them must be present. Here are some points to pay attention to.


Professional models are more suitable for home or studio use. They differ in that the microphone is usually placed on a long stand, which improves speech quality. Indoor models are much smaller than professional ones, and the speaker and microphone form a single whole.


In terms of sound quality, headsets can be mono, stereo, or high-quality audio. Sets of the first type have one earphone, while the sound quality can be considered satisfactory only for making phone calls or hands-free calls. The stereo versions sound good in both headphones, and the price for them is quite acceptable.

Microphones and noise cancellation

You should not purchase headsets without noise canceling function, otherwise, it will be difficult to use it in a crowded room or on public transport. Effective noise cancellation requires at least two high-quality microphones.

Multipoint connection

This is a very useful feature that allows you to connect the headset to multiple devices at the same time. For example, a multi-point headset syncs seamlessly with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Voice commands

Many headsets are capable of connecting to a mobile or another device, checking battery status, and answering and rejecting calls. These features are accessed through the voice commands of a smartphone, tablet, or other devices. They are very convenient to use while cooking, driving, and playing sports.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC technology makes it possible to connect the headset to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or stereo system without having to access the settings menu. Communication security is ensured by encryption technology.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile

Wireless headset for phone with this technology supports two-channel audio, so users can listen to stereo music. They can also use many mobile phone features (such as redial and call hold) directly from the headset without accessing the smartphone.

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

Headsets with this technology use one interface to control different electronic devices. The AVRCP function allows you to remotely control playback, pause and stop the sound and adjust its volume.

Range of actions

Headsets can connect to devices at a distance of up to 10 meters without losing connection, however, for many models, sound quality begins to deteriorate after 3 meters. However, there are also samples that transmit sound well at a distance of up to 6 meters and even through walls.


Battery life is an important factor to be taken into account. If there is constant access to the charger, then battery life is not a limiting factor. But if there is no way to constantly charge the headset, you should choose a model with a long battery life.


Many do not consider comfort to be an important consideration when buying, but this can be a costly mistake, especially when worn for extended periods. It is necessary to consider the method of attachment: some models use a headband (fixed or adjustable), others simply clip on the ear. Headphones can be placed at the entrance to the ear canal or at the outer edge of the earlobe. There are models with replaceable ear pads, which allows you to choose the most comfortable in shape and size.

How to Connect?

Connecting to a mobile phone

First of all, you need to turn on the Bluetooth option in the phone menu to start searching for the headset. When it is found, the user confirms the connection and the headset is ready for use. Some phones may ask for a passcode, most commonly 0000.

Connecting to a computer

Wireless computer headsets come with a USB adapter that, when connected to a computer, establishes communication. The necessary drivers are installed on the first connection, it only takes a few minutes.

If the computer supports Bluetooth (currently most of these computers), then the connection can be made through the “Devices” item in “Settings” . In it you need to select the section “Bluetooth and other devices”, and in it – “Add Bluetooth or another device”.

After a few seconds, the name of the headset should appear in the device list. The connection will occur immediately after clicking on the name. Sometimes you may need a Windows Bluetooth passcode (0000).


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