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How Profitable is T-shirt Printing Business

T-shirts are the most common articles of clothing to own across the globe regardless of gender and age. This means a t-shirt printing business can rake in profits quickly. It is predicted that the global market for the custom t-shirt industry will exceed $10 billion by 2025.

Starting an online t-shirt business is an excellent idea for veteran e-commerce entrepreneurs and beginners alike. Due to its existing and rapidly growing popularity, starting a t-shirt company is very profitable.

In addition to their universal appeal, new t-shirts are inexpensive to source and relatively easy to customise. Before starting your own online t-shirt business, it is vital to acknowledge that it is a competitive field of e-commerce. Regardless, starting and running a profitable t-shirt printing business is achievable.

How to Start Your Own T-Shirt  Business

Over the past few years, the fashion industry has identified a significant growth in the niche market for custom t-shirts that is expected to continue growing. To have a profitable business, you should have a foolproof business plan that will help you make sure your store stands out and appeals to your target audience.

Here are a few tips that are fundamental to the foundation of a profitable ecommerce store:

Identify a Niche for Your Online T-shirt Business

If you are planning to open an online store for your t-shirt business, you have to find a niche for your store before putting your business online. This means doing a lot of research on the factors that go into creating a truly unique t-shirt ecommerce store. Look through other well-known t-shirt businesses and use their culture to brainstorm ideas for your business.

Formulate your marketing strategies and try to find something that you think might help you make your business stand out. Your marketing efforts will play a key role in getting your business up and running. Alternatively, you could find an untapped market based on the niche that interests you. Less competition will make it easier to stand out and warrant low startup costs.

Design Your Own T-shirt

Your print designs are critical to launching a profitable business. In addition to material quality, great designs go a long way in putting you ahead of the game.

Use your creativity to develop t-shirt design ideas that will best captivate your target audience before you can sell t-shirts online . If you want to focus on more intricate designs, you can explore some design websites for inspiration.

Customising t-shirts with a brand logo can also help generate awareness for your products. Take, for instance, polo shirts which is a clothing brand with an appeal to consumers worldwide. Alternatively, you could leverage freelance platforms to gain access to freelance designers.

Print Your Designs

High-quality prints are essential to the success of your online t-shirt store. If your customers find that your designs fade or crack after a few washes, they will be left with a wrong impression of your products.

To avoid this, you will have to perfect your printing technique before trying to sell your products. Take advantage of the printing methods that are accessible to you and find one that offers you long-lasting, quality prints to achieve and retain customer loyalty.

Ultimately, you can seek assistance from local custom t-shirt printing businesses; but this might make you lose money as your business grows and demand services increase. To keep costs low, you could order shirts in bulk – this way, you can save a little extra money.

Establish a Price

Determining the pricing of your products is an aspect that heavily impacts the profitability of your business. When establishing a product price, you should factor in the purchase price and costs incurred in printing the designs. This helps ensure that you earn a profit from every t-shirt sale.

To sell t-shirts at a 50% margin, you can determine your unit price by multiplying the overall cost by two. Setting a low cost for your t-shirts might steer customers your way, but you will end up generating little to no profit.

On the other hand, overpricing your products will discourage potential customers from purchasing your products, especially when competitors are just a few clicks away.

Establish an Online Presence

Creating social media accounts for your e-commerce business is a great way to generate brand awareness. Since t-shirts can be all-inclusive, very niche, or versatile, it is crucial to identify your audience. Start by looking up your competitors and finding out their strategies for marketing and selling their products.

Take your time to do market research to define your audience before you put your e-commerce store online. In addition to being in charge of inventory management, being your own boss means that you are responsible for finding ways to market your products and gain customer loyalty for you to make  money online.

If your target market frequents an ecommerce platform like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, they are less likely to look for custom apparel through Google Search. So instead of wasting time and resources on search engine optimization, you should consider influencer advertising and hiring a business model to boost your brand awareness.

What to Consider When Printing Your Own T-shirts

There are a variety of options for printing designs on garments. Before you start selling t-shirts online, it is vital to familiarise yourself with each printing method. Doing this will help you make the right print method choice for your own business.

Here are some printing options that are considered ideal for their quality and process:

Heat Transfer

Using heat transfer to design your t-shirts will require printing an image on the heat transfer paper, cutting out the design, and printing it on the fabric with an iron heated at high temperature.

As you iron on the design, the heat transfer paper will melt into the fabric retaining the quality and colour of the image

Direct to Garment

This method requires using a t-shirt printer with high-quality pigmentation to directly apply ink onto the garment. With direct to garment printing, t-shirt designs are uploaded to a computer and directly transferred onto the fabric using an inkjet printer.

Since there is no setup cost, this is one of the most inexpensive printing options. However, it takes time to print, making it suitable for printing a few garments.

Screen Printing

This is a great printing option for designs with high levels of vibrancy. Using different stencils, printers apply layers of different colored inks onto the garment. Due to its labour-intensive setup, this method is suitable for bulk printing of a maximum of five colours.

Start a T-shirt Printing Business Today

T-shirt printing businesses will always be profitable. The demand for printed clothes is rapidly increasing, which means there is still room for you to start your own online business or expand your existing business.  With the right tools and sufficient creativity, your t-shirt business is guaranteed to thrive exceptionally in the t-shirt market.


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