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How is Chandigarh the Right City to Live in India?

The official emblem of Chandigarh is the “open hands” which means give respect and take respect. Chandigarh is a city full of scenic beauty, the Chandigarh’s structural scapes and its education hub attract everyone to it. If you live here for a long time, you will feel bonded with this city and its nature.

There are some reasons listed below for choosing Chandigarh as the right city to live in:

1.Educational Destination

The Punjab University was set up in 1882, after which Chandigarh became the most favourable destination for the student. Besides this, there are so many well-reputed universities in Chandigarh, even some elementary schools, with doctoral programs. A few government colleges are the M.C.M college, and Alliance Franchise de Chandigarh for French learning. 

2. Chandigarh is God’s heaven on The Earth

The ‘Head’ of Chandigarh city is the Capitol Complex in sector 1, ‘Heart’ being the City Center of sector 17, ‘Lungs’ is the open space and greenery, the ‘Circulatory System’ being the 7V’s including the vertical paths, and ‘Brain’ being the educational institution of Chandigarh. This city is like a Human itself.

3. Chandigarh: The Greenest City Of India

Everyone is aware that Chandigarh is the first planned city in India. It is known for its beauty and greenery. For visiting purposes, there are many places where you get a bike on rent  Chandigarh. There is a rock garden which is a prime tourist spot. There are varieties of sculptures made up of broken ken glass bangles, rejected fluorescent tubes, chinaware, clay, and coal. If you are interested in watching creative things, then see the Walls of terracotta pots and the maze of paths, canyons, and chambers.

4. Elante Mall

Chandigarh is known for its malls as a result they have the second largest mall in Northern India. Elante mall is spread over 20 acres of land, there are varieties of shops like jewellery, retail shops, toy shops, cinemas, and laptop buy in Chandigarh, then visit the showrooms of a particular brand. Go through different styles, you might even get entertained by numerous mobs playing and dancing. The cuisine of this area is delicious.

5. Take a Halt amid Nature Lap

The best place to sit is around the bank of lake Sukhna. In Nature’s lap, you will find a feeling of peace from the chaotic world, will experience a chilled breeze flowing, the silence will help you to listen to the footsteps, bicycles, laughter under the opening sky of surprise would make your heart sing and smile. It can be the best tourist spot for families and children, as it has food courts to swing.

6. Chandigarh By Cycle

The city developed its first riding track and is the first in the entire Punjab. For those who love bicycles, Chandigarh provides a venue where you can enjoy the ride. It stretches to 77Km, while the administration is thinking of expanding it to 99Km.


An Idle condition for staying in any city is safety, peace full of greenery, and Chandigarh provides you with that spot. From development to the greenery around, everything is available in this city.

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