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How important are tiles and lighting changes for my bathroom makeover?

A stunning new bathroom is a sight to behold, but there are several decisions to be made before you can unwind in style. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is which tiles and light fittings to use, so here are a few quick tips to help you make the best choice for your project. 

Size of the tiles

The larger the space, the larger the tiles, is a general rule of thumb when choosing the right size tiles for your bathroom renovation. This isn’t always the case, as it all depends on the layout of your bathroom. Large tiles can appear disjointed and out of proportion if you have to make too many cuts to fit around windows, vanities, tubs, and shower cubicles. If you want to use 300 x 300mm tiles on the floor, the wall tiles should be multiples of 300: 100mm, 150mm, 600mm, or 900mm. This allows you to match the grout lines on the floor tiles to those on the wall, ensuring that everything is in proportion.

Tile style 

The style of tile you choose dictates the theme. Since you don’t want to combine a heritage home with an ultra-modern bathroom, your first step is to decide on the style, feel, or mood of your home. Different types of tiles and patterns require different care, and this decision must be made considering your budget. Your bathroom renovator will help you here by telling you the various benefits, costs, and issues with each tile. For example, natural stone tiles and terrazzo need to be sealed and maintained to prevent leakage, which will entail a longer renovation process. 

Lighting direction

The light shade determines the direction of your bathroom lighting, which can be upwards or downwards. An upward direction provides ambient light, which illuminates the entire bathroom, whereas a downward direction provides more task-oriented lighting. A well-lit bathroom uses a combination of upward and downward lighting. The vanity lights are the most important lights in your bathroom because they provide a downward light that is essential for avoiding shadows and providing the perfect illumination for your face.

Types of fittings

Lighting should be placed around the vanity so that it does not cast shadows on your face. Installing a light on only one side of the mirror does not properly illuminate your face so installing a light on both sides is the best option. Bathroom downlights are also popular, but not at the expense of vanity lighting. In small bathrooms, vanity lighting and a few downlights (even under-bench lighting) are sufficient, but in larger bathrooms, more layered lighting can be used to add interest and texture. Consider adding hanging pendants for an extra sense of luxury, as well as uplights to highlight a standalone tub.

When it comes to choosing the type of tile or light fitting for your bathroom makeovers, there are so many options, each with its own benefits. When you work with MW Homes, your bathroom renovators will show you the various options and help you make your decision to ensure that the tiles and lighting that you chose tie together with the rest of the renovations and the overall aesthetic of the house, to give you a nearly perfect bathroom makeover. 


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