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How can you plan Finances with Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Are you planning to avail a home loan? One of the most crucial decisions in the life of a person is taking the best home loan. On your loan approval, the amount is credited to your account, and you can buy your dream home. Concerning the decision on availing of the best home loan, a home loan EMI calculator is highly significant. 

Home Loan EMI Calculator – Meaning

A home loan EMI calculator is a handy online tool. It is accessible 24/7 on the websites of banks and financial institutions, specifically ones that provide home loans. This calculator has different text boxes that enable an individual to feed in the key details of their loan, including the principal loan amount, the interest rate that you are willing to pay, and the tenure of loan, in which you can pay the entire amount plus interest back to the lender. Then, the calculator quickly calculates the amount of home loan EMI you have to pay each month.

How to Use the EMI Calculator to Plan Your Home Loan?

There is a user-friendly interface for a home loan EMI Calculator. Its calculation parameters can be customisable as per the requirements of the user. Firstly, you can choose the amount of the loan you want to get, i.e., the principal amount. Also, you can directly feed the value in the text box. Next, you may feed the loan tenure. You can adjust the slider or enter the number of months up to which you want to repay the entire loan amount.

After this, you may select the interest rate. Notably, you must ensure that you feed in the rate of interest up to the last decimal point. After you have entered all these necessary values, you just have to click or tap the calculate button. The calculator will accurately calculate the home loan EMI payable.

Significance of a Home Loan EMI Calculator

Once an individual avails of a home loan, he has to pay EMIs for many years. It can be 15 to 30 years or beyond this. If a person takes a home loan of INR 40 Lakhs, he may be repaying around INR 73 Lakhs during a loan tenure of  20 years. It may embrace an EMI of approximately INR 30,500 every month, specifically determined by the interest rate & tenure of the loan. 

The home loan EMI has a considerable influence on your finances every month. It was difficult to ascertain how much EMI you would have to pay in the earlier times unless you had an explanatory discussion with the representatives of the lender. However, in the present times, you have the home loan EMI calculator on the websites of banks, NBFCs, etc., offering the best home loan

It helps to gain a clear idea of your monthly spending, and you can decisively plan your monthly budget. This assists you in making a knowledgeable decision on which home loan to choose. Remarkably, you can easily check your monthly EMI via a home loan EMI calculator anytime from anywhere. By utilising this calculator, as per your current income, you can ascertain whether you are capable of paying the EMIs of your best home loan. If you take a loan and realise afterwards that you are finding it difficult to pay the EMIs, such a scenario could be detrimental.


Whenever a person avails a home loan, he has to pay EMIs, i.e., Equated Monthly Instalments. The EMIs are calculated as per the amount of money you have taken, the period of loan you will be paying EMIs (number of months or years), and the rate of interest. Such calculations can be complex to solve with your conventional calculator. You must use a home loan EMI calculator for this. It can be accessed on the websites of financial institutions that offer home loans. By calculating different EMI options, you can make a well-informed decision on the best home loan.


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