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Group and Team activities to try in Dubai

We’ve all had conversations with our friends, like what are the best activities to enjoy in a group. They go round, and round in circles until ending up deciding on, let’s eat something or plan a movie together. It’s fascinating to know that Dubai is fully packed of super-exciting unconventional activities with your friends. So next time whenever you plan, your choice will not end of eating or movie, because we’re here to explain some of the out-class activities to try in a group.

Rent a yacht with your team

If you’re busy in your daily schedule and looking for some of the best ways to spend quality time, ideas are endless. Just book a yacht and enjoy with your own way. The yacht rental Dubai companies allow you choose the yachts of your own choice. Enjoy the cruise, have a delicious meal, music, and drinks onboard. You can also play number of onboard activities with your team. Yacht hire Dubai offers the experience like never before. So, book a yacht now and be the boss of your cruise.

Desert team adventure

Desert adventure activities in group can help the team members form stronger bonds. Team building in the desert plays a significant role in communication, decision-making, problem-solving, strengthens leadership as well as teamwork. Adventure on a desert is an amazing to learn about new cultures, discover territories, build team resistance and also improve stress management.

For a perfect team activity in Dubai, desert adventure must be on your list. You can indulge yourself in number of desert activities including desert safari, camel riding, sand-boarding, quad biking, and much more.


Bonding with friends in front of a bonfire surrounded by tents is another amazing experience boosting team morale. The teammates talk about their lives, challenges, and interactive ways to achieve their goals. Sitting around the flames beneath the desert sky gives a soothing and relaxing fun. The bonfire activity is a memorable experience and it’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Music team building activity

It’s fascinating to know that music fosters a sense of community and capability to invest in something other than ourselves. Group activities are essential as they bring motivation, reduces wok pressure, keeps your energetic and improve learning skills. Hence, sing-alongs, songwriting programs, as well as drumming sessions in groups activities are quite common in Dubai.

Escape room

An escape room in Dubai is basically a themed and challenging event. Here the team members work together in order to complete the given tasks and solve puzzles. The escape group develop essential skills like collaboration, decision making, problem-solving, communication, as well as stamina. Whether it’s a group of friends or employees, Escape room could be a good choice to to practice responding to high-stakes situations.

Along with this, there’s also some virtual escape rooms providing great excitement. It ensures that your team has an experience in order to improve communication, problem-solving skills, and relationship bonds. Hence, Escape rooms in Dubai help with productivity.

Aventura Adventure Park

There’s an old story when Greg in marketing was climbing through the trees in the jungles of Borneo. Now, it’s time for everyone to unleash their inner Tarzan at Aventura Adventure Park on a team building in Dubai outing. Aventura adventure park ranges from Explorador to Extreme climbing activities. You can also experience an amazing 160-metre zip-line, climbing across spider web-like ropes, as well as a thrilling literal 25-metre Tarzan jump.

Moreover, Aventura park is one of the best ways to escape the confines of the office for a session of team building. There are plenty of team activities including walking across the rope by helping each in order to keep balance. However, if someone falls, the safety always has your back. Whether it’s a half or full day of activities, Aventura adventure part is ideal for all groups.

The Smash Room

Nothing can beat the level of satisfaction of a teammate throwing a plate into the air and you are perfectly line to smash it into a tiny piece. If you don’t believe, Dubai offers the only way to find out is to take your friends at The Smash Room. From computers, printers, TVs, and all those items that are malfunctioned, it’s time to get your revenge. Up to five members can enter a room and choose their weapon of choice and smash away. The smash room for a group is a simple act of destruction and fun. It makes up for workouts and get incredibly tiring.


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