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From Shoes to Jackets: Smart Ways To Pack Your Clothes for a Move

Moving is a process that requires you to pay close attention to how you’ll transport your furniture, clothes, and other possessions. There are crafty ways for packing clothing articles that can give you peace of mind and make your move easy while allowing you to prevent these items from getting dirty, wrinkled, or torn during transport. Described below are effective methods for packing your clothes and footwear.

Hang your clothes in wardrobe boxes.

Wardrobe boxes are tall and have a hanging rack across their tops. These boxes are excellent for ensuring the jackets and other clothing you hang don’t get wrinkled or covered in dust and dirt. Take the clothes you have hanging in your closet and hang them from the wardrobe box’s metal rod. You can also consider carrying valuable pieces of clothing in garment bags.

Use suitcases for storage.


If you’re going to be transporting suitcases and travel bags to your new digs, pack them full of clothes. Many people use wheeled suitcases to move heavy, large items. However, any part of a luggage set can become storage space for your clothes. By storing your favorite blouses, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, or petite jeans for women in suitcases, you’ll know exactly where they are on the moving truck. If you can’t use suitcases to pack your clothes, consider using vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are sturdy enough to hold folded clothes, making them a superior alternative to drawstring trash bags that can rip.

Double up your moving boxes.


Clothes seem lightweight, so it may surprise you how quickly they can get heavy. Consider using small or medium-sized moving boxes and avoid overstuffing them with clothes to keep the heavy lifting to a minimum. However, if large moving boxes are necessary for your local move, double them up and double-tape the bottoms to keep them from ripping and spreading your clothes everywhere.

Such actions can make transporting your belongings safer and more efficient for any professional movers—such as Solomon & Sons Relocation—that you hire to help you complete the moving process. The professionals at this relocation and moving company have years of experience executing short and long-distance moves and successfully protecting homeowners’ and residents’ belongings. These movers can keep your clothes and even your most fragile possessions safe by providing custom packing services. For instance, if you opt for kitchen packing, Solomon and Sons Relocation services movers will use their quality materials and skills to safely pack delicate items like china. With full-service packing, the movers will pack your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and entire household for you, using their expertise to pack your clothes to keep them from being ruined or taking up too much space.

Pack your shoes apart from your clothing.


When sorting your clothes and preparing them to be loaded on the moving truck, pack your shoes separately. Doing so can keep your clothes from getting dirty. If you still have some shoeboxes, you can put them to use during your move, especially since you can stack shoeboxes into larger boxes. However, if you don’t have any shoeboxes, try stuffing your shoes with socks or paper. This way, they won’t get crushed or scuffed and will be able to retain their form throughout the move.

A few other things to remember as you pack are to keep more delicate clothing items separate from others and not to put jewelry with your clothes. Keeping clothes and jewelry apart can lessen the chances of tearing or snagging your clothing items. Place these items in easy-to-reach spaces. Additionally, find a way to preserve your clothes and their freshness. Adding dryer sheets to your boxes, suitcases, and vacuum bags can help you achieve fresh, clean, nice-smelling garments when you unpack your belongings and turn your new house into a comfortable, new home.


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