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Five Trending Crypto Exchanges that Cater Exceptional modern-day Trading tools & Features

Choosing an exchange is not an easy task. There are numerous aspects to take into concern. Whether the exchange can operate in your country, payment methods, fees, verification requirements, and of course the selection of coins available on the platform, are just a few of the factors to consider when making your decision.

In this blog, we will be looking over the top 5 most trending exchanges that provide their customers with the most advanced features.


Our first pick for the best overall exchange would have to be Binance. Binance is a global exchange and while recently founded in 2017, it quickly became one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Binance supports over 200 coins on its platform and offers a number of different financial services. This is why we consider it a good place for beginners and seasoned traders alike.

Whether you are looking for an advanced trading platform, a simple purchase of Crypto with a credit card, or other cutting edge features like:

  • Savings account
  • A Crypto debit card
  • Futures trading

 Binance has it all.

The only place we can see room for improvement with Binance is with its customer support. Binance cannot be accessible throughout the world as it was banned in the United States in 2019. On some regulatory grounds.


If you are looking for an exchange that supports US residents then Coinbase is probable the best possible choice. It supplies a simple process for buying all major Cryptocurrencies, with FDIC account insurance and 0% fees on ACH deposits.

Coinbase also operates Coinbase Pro. it is an advanced trading platform if you are looking for more refined trading capabilities. It is geared towards more experienced consumers. As opposed to the conventional Coinbase brokerage service, which streamlines the purchase of Cryptocurrency at a premium.

With over 540 million dollars in funding, supporting 102 countries, and serving over 30 million customers, Coinbase is one of the biggest Cryptocurrency companies around the world. However, bigger isn’t always better. Coinbase somehow needs more to focus on its customer support service program. As it is getting horrible reviews on the web containing 78% of its customers voting for bad customer services.


Recently founded in 2021, XchangeOn is getting major attention from the market. It was created with cutting-edge features and incentives in mind to enhance the Crypto trading experience and make it easy for Crypto traders. XchangeOn is a centralized Crypto exchange platform that allows reliable and safe trading.

One of the most up-to-date services in the Crypto exchange industry, the Fear & Greed index, is now accessible on XchangeOn. It’s a tool for determining when it’s a good moment to buy and when it’s a good time to sell Cryptocurrency.

XchangeOn has just announced a new feature that involves a thorough examination. From a pool of 2000 coins, identifying the best-performing coins. Develop a method for indexing the entire market so that their members have the best chance of profiting.

Top market trends are also one of the most advanced features that are offered by XchangeOn. This feature will give you all the information needed about the ups and downs of the market i.e top gainers, top losers, what’s trending, and many more.


If you are in need of the fastest option to buy a Cryptocurrency and don’t have the time for long identity verification processes then CoinMama is the exchange for you. CoinMama is a Crypto industry veteran, having over 2 million clients in 188 countries.

It offers a straightforward brokerage service that allows users to buy and sell a range of popular Cryptocurrencies using a credit card and a relatively fast verification process. Its identity verification process only takes about 30 minutes.

On the downside, this process will cost you around 5% more than other Cryptocurrency exchanges. So, it is only recommended if you are looking to buy Cryptocurrencies as quickly as possible.


It is mostly known for its trading platform Etoro.com. A featured pack trading platform for investing in Cryptocurrencies. Unlike other trading platforms, Etoro allows you to follow and copy other traders, a useful feature for beginners. In fact, you could get paid by other users to copy your traders.

Another interesting feature is the smart portfolio which basically allows you to invest long-term in the portfolio of the most popular Cryptocurrencies with no fees.

Etoro also offers plenty of advanced trading tools such as stop-loss, take profit, and set orders, that execute automatically according to a coin’s price.

On the negative side, this platform is more suitable for speculation since it is difficult to access your assets. For the most part, withdrawing your Crypto would require you to trade them for fiat first. Additionally, when it comes to fees, there are less expensive alternatives for making your trades.

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