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Facts About Six Months Smile Treatment You Should Know Beforehand

Misaligned teeth invariably spell trouble and complication if not corrected in time. The problem not only dents your physical appearance and aesthetic appeal but also affects your oral health. Misaligned teeth also squash your confidence level and thus you are prevented to be your best. Considering all these facts you should understand how important it is to sort out the problem of incorrect alignment of the teeth.

‘Six Month Smile’ is an orthodontic treatment popular all over the world including the UK. Why is the treatment so popular? It not only corrects the misalignment of your teeth but also gifts you a straighter and more attractive smile. However the objective of the treatment is to correct the misalignment of only the front teeth. The procedure is similar to that of other orthodontic braces. But there is a striking difference. Unlike that in conventional orthodontic treatment, 6 months smile dentists use a material that resembles the colour of the tooth. As a result your smile never looks that unattractive as with standard braces during the course of the treatment.

On the whole the treatment is based on a unique concept but that will never cost you a fortune and make a hole in your pocket. Compared to other orthodontic treatments this one is much reasonably cost and thus fits easily in even the most constraint budgets.

What is the cost of 6 months smile treatment?

There are quite a few reliable dental practices in London that offer a reasonable price for this treatment. On the average the cost ranges between £2500 and £3800. Considering the positive and life-changing impact the treatment provides the amount is certainly reasonable. However it is important mentioning the exact price varies from case to case. The treatment is not exactly meant for youngsters below 18. If both the upper and the lower teeth are put into the correct alignment then obviously the treatment cost is little higher. The cost of correcting only one set of misaligned teeth is pretty reasonable.

At any reliable orthodontic clinic, the quoted price for 6 months smile treatment covers everything ranging from the core treatment to your routine visits to ascertain the treatment progress. You will never be asked to pay anything in excess. That covers all the x-ray plates, retainers – both fixed and removable ones, follow up appointments with the dentist and everything else that come in the treatment.

Ideal patients for the treatment

To put it simply, anyone who is in the age group of adult is an ideal candidate for the treatment. In other words children below 16 are not considered suitable for this orthodontic procedure.

The problems the procedure can solve

Six Months Smile proves excellent correcting a range of issues related to cosmetic dentistry. The issues include the following –

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Intrusions
  • Extrusions
  • Diastema and spacing in the teeth at the front
  • Rotations
  • Tipping

As a genuine piece of advice, do not spend your time and effort on Google these issues. Rather consult a qualified Female dentist in Melbourne or orthodontist and sign up for the treatment. It is important that a oral health practitioner physically examines your mouth to recommend the best possible treatment option.

How does the procedure work?

This particular treatment procedure works the similar fashion as conventional braces.

As the first step of the procedure, you book an appointment and visit an oral health practice you trust. There the dentist carefully examines your mouth and listens to your problems and expectations. Based on all the inputs the professional suggests you the best treatment alternative to overcome the problem.

Unlike other teeth straightening treatments Six Months Smile proves convenient for both you and your dentist. It is much easier to fix compared to orthodontic braces. The actual treatment starts with the dentist taking impressions of both your lower and upper teeth. The impressions are sent to the dental lab where a precisely customised tray is prepared for your mouth. This overall development requires about a couple of days following the teeth impressions are taken. Once the tray is ready, you are summoned again for a second appointment.

On the second appointment the dentist makes use of the custom tray to fix the Six Months Smile braces to your teeth. The braces have to be fixed properly the first time itself. Once the fixing is done you may require visiting the practice once a month to get the appliance readjusted.

The results start showing up in about six months time. However, it is important to understand that every set of teeth is different and unique. Therefore in your case the results may take a little less or more time to arrive.

How to maintain your oral hygiene during the treatment

Yes, this is a major concern for everyone and needs to be discussed. First of all you must take it to your heart that it is utmost crucial to maintain optimum oral hygiene during the treatment days. It is a good idea to ask your dentist teach you how to maintain dental hygiene throughout the phase of the treatment.

However, here are a few tried and tested tips you can bank upon.

  • Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water till the last particle of food comes out.
  • Every time do start with brushing the gum line. First brush the upper and then the lower one holding the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Try angling the brush bristles so that every corner around the brackets is covered.
  • Do keep repositioning the bristles while brushing to reach the underside of the brackets and the wire.
  • Once the brushing is over rinse the mouth well with water.

As it has already been mentioned above, the cost of six months smile braces is pretty reasonable compared to other orthodontic teeth straightening procedures. But in order to ensure value for your hard-earned money you should always get the treatment done at a reliable practice under the supervision of a skilled and experienced dentist. These days many oral health practices are offering easy monthly instalments (EMI) to make the financial burden easier on the pockets of patients.

Remember you have to wear retainers after the treatment to sustain the results. This is normal for almost every orthodontic treatment that deals with alignment of the teeth.


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