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Exterior Home Remodel: Tips, Tricks, & Hottest Designs

Whenever you move into a new home, it isn’t always what you hoped it would be. First impressions are very important in the world we live in and it doesn’t get more obvious than the exterior of your home. People see your home at a glance and it would be nice to have them see something interesting. You can get the exterior of your home to look nice both for yourself and others to enjoy the view. Remodeling the exterior of your home can be a fun project to take on. There are many designs you can apply to your home remodel to give it a fun look. We’ll be looking at some of these designs, as well as tips and tricks to give you some ideas for your home remodel.

Trending designs

Add an exterior deck

Homes with decks are becoming more popular and more people seem to be joining the trend. An outdoor deck is a great way to fill out the space outside your home and you get a place where you can relax and take in the beautiful outdoors. It extends out from the house, so you can even consider it a home away from home. An outdoor deck is, however, not something you can build yourself as a result of its complexity. You will therefore need to engage the services of a deck builder. With a deck builder, you can expect a professional job, one that will have everyone wishing they had an exterior deck. You should also note that while an exterior deck isn’t the most expensive remodeling design out there, the price can vary depending on the price of wood and how large you want the deck to be.

Earth tones

It may be time to ditch the bright eye-catching colors as experts are claiming that there are more people interested in more down-to-earth colors. The colors that fit more naturally into the background and seem to fade into the earth, are the colors that more people are interested in when seeking a home. In addition, these kinds of colors will blend in more with your landscaping, and even help make it seem more impressive. The appeal of these colors is that they are more natural compared to brighter colors. You should be looking for more beige colors, soft brown, charcoal, or deep brown colors to get this effect.

Tips and tricks to improve your home’s exterior

Limit the number of features

In most cases, people can get carried away in all the remodel details and go overboard in the process. In the end, they end up ruining the appeal of whatever features you end up choosing. Each feature is meant to amplify and improve the appeal of your house, but where there are too many features, not only do you fail to achieve this effect, but the effect ends up being wasted. In such a scenario, you end up wasting money on designs but don’t have the stunning visual you were looking to achieve. With limited features, however, you can achieve greater effects and highlight the effect of each feature. Some features may even complement each other, such as exterior lights highlighting the walkway. You’ll find your home is more beautiful when you don’t simply load the exterior with features.

Mixing styles

Normally people pick one style and stick with it like a natural exterior or classical mid-century look and it is usually okay. There is however an emerging trend where people incorporate more than one style into the exterior of their home and it is usually stunning. The only downside is that you will have to make sure the styles compliment each other or risk having an odd-looking home. When you get it right, however, the result tends to be stunning and will have guests and passersby in awe.


When it comes to a remodel, the one constant is that everyone is looking to improve the look of their home. They want the best look and that is why you need to try some of the hottest trends to have something that not only you will love, but one that others are sure to love as well. You also don’t have to worry too much about making a choice, you can simply use one or all our ideas.


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