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Exploring the Advantages of Corporate Chair Massage for Employees and Employers

Americans seem to be experiencing a great deal of stress these days. In fact, stress levels are currently at their highest on record. Based on some reports, an estimated 90 percent of employees feel stress in the workplace with nearly 65 percent indicating they’re on the verge of leaving their jobs because of it. Both employees and employers are suffering from the ever-growing amount of tension, and experts fear it’s only going to grow worse in the years to come. With that in mind, more employers are looking for ways to ease workplace-related stress and help ramp up their employees’ physical and mental health.

Corporate Chair Massage

An Incredibly Effective Stress-Relief Strategy

Several stress-relieving techniques are available. Some people insist that getting more sleep at night helps them feel less stress at work. Others say that taking an occasional sick day greatly improves their state of mind. In many cases, meditation can help set things right when a person is succumbing to excessive amounts of stress. Having said all that, studies show that Corporate Chair Massage can go a long way toward reducing work-related stress levels, too. These massages offer a long list of benefits for workers. In turn, they can provide numerous advantages for employers.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that almost half of American adults suffer from high blood pressure. Stress often plays a role in elevated blood pressure though underlying medical issues also contribute to the problem. Routine massages have been shown to help lower blood pressure by a significant margin. Furthermore, they can reduce the risks of other health problems often contributed to high blood pressure, such as kidney damage, heart attack, and stroke. Those positive effects have been found to last from one massage to the next.

Lower Rates of Depression and Anxiety

Approximately 40 million adults in America are plagued by anxiety and depression based on the latest figures. Both can lead to insomnia, headaches, loss of concentration, and digestive issues. They can also cause fatigue, temporarily elevated blood pressure, and many other problems. Corporate massages are reported to reduce anxiety and depression by roughly 25 percent. By extension, it can also ease all the physical symptoms of these conditions. Massage may also help people to sleep better at night, which has been proven to ease the negative effects of anxiety and depression.

Improved Concentration

Reports also show that people who receive routine massages may enjoy better concentration and mental clarity than those who don’t. Via numerous studies, massage has been found to improve mathematical prowess, reading speed, comprehension, and other factors that are helpful in the workplace. That means employees may be able to work faster and smarter. This may be the result of improved blood flow after a massage. It could also stem from the simple fact that people don’t have as many aches, pains, and other issues detracting from their concentration.

Improving Employees’ Physical and Mental Health through Massage
Massages offer numerous benefits with these being some of the most relevant to employee performance and morale. When employees feel better, they work better. People who take advantage of massage can certainly enjoy numerous physical and mental health benefits not the least of which are simply feeling happier and being more relaxed. Those benefits are then passed along to employers in the form of a stronger, more satisfied workforce and fewer absences.


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