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Effective Ways To Expand Your Facebook Engagement

In social media, each little thing counts for the bigger picture.

Engagement on social media is one of those aspects which should not be missed, particularly on Facebook. Facebook is the most popular online social network, making it evident that you should seek to engage on the platform. Additionally, as organic reach is dropping, you must ensure that each post counts click here.

Upload videos to get an increase of 135% in reach

Visuals catch the eye as your audience scrolls through their news feeds. It’s been proven repeatedly that visuals increase engagement, But what about videos?

Studies show that videos have 135% higher organic reach than photos. This is a staggering amount. It’s not just that adding videos to your social media strategy improves the number of followers, and it’s SUPER simple to share videos. It’s not really…it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 3.

  • Click the Photo or Video icon on the upper right-hand corner of the News Feed or Timeline.
  • Select an appropriate video
  • Click Post

Facebook will process your video and inform you when it’s available for viewing. While it’s being processed, you can go to Edit to create a title and then include tags.

Create standalone graphics and share simple tips

Most photos you upload to Facebook contain a link to the image. We at Co-Schedule post this through our own Facebook page. We share a photo and then include the link to an article on our blog. However, we needed to think about and ask ourselves, “Are all these links benefitting our audience?” We tried to test this through the posting of standalone graphics.

We wanted to determine if posts with no links had more impact than those with connections and test the type of content we’re writing and sharing. The results were flawless.

A standalone graphic provides valuable information without needing an external link to connect it with another website. For our standalone pictures, we offer snippets of information and quotes from famous marketers. We discovered that these graphics were more popular with our readers and had a greater engagement rate when compared to our links.

Your brand’s personality will be displayed.

Every post you share on Facebook should reflect your company’s persona. One way to do this is to share images of your employees and their office snark. Your followers should know that you’re not an automated social media bot -You’re real. We’ve also tested this on the platform we use on Facebook, and our results have been impressive.

Wish Pond’s research showed that posts with photos receive 120 percent more engagement than an average one, so think of the potential for personality-based photos. Don’t bombard your readers with details about your service or product constantly. You’ll be surprised by how eager your target audience is to know the people behind your logo.

Make use of Facebook Live for 3x longer viewing.

We know that uploading videos to Facebook increase engagement. A more effective alternative to Facebook videos is Facebook Live.

Studies have shown that people stay three times longer watching videos that are life than a video that has been pre-recorded. Utilize Facebook Live to share tips and demonstrations or to say thank you to your viewers read more.

  • To start using Facebook Live, get out your mobile phone and
  • Visit your Facebook business profile, then begin the status bar.
  • Click the Live icon that’s a button in red that’s shaped as a human.
  • Allow Facebook to connect to your microphone and camera.
  • Describe your live video (optional)
  • Click to activate the blue Go Live icon.

There’s a method to use Facebook Live to stream live videos from your desktop or laptop. It’s not to create live videos using the webcam on your computer. This can create live video streaming directly using professional equipment for video or encoder software.


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