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Easing your way through deciding on a suitable bitcoin wallet

So much information making you confused already? 

This blog will take you through some easy-to-use bitcoin wallets that might prove useful to you, especially if you find bitcoin transactions a tricky and exhausting process.

Only the traders know how risky of an investment option cryptocurrencies are. 

Find the most suitable and easy-to-use bitcoin wallet for yourself here.

  1. Ledger
  2. Exodus
  3. Coinbase
  4. Trezor
  5. SoFi
  6. Electrum Wallet
  7. Blockchain Wallet
  8. Atomic 
  9. Jaxx
  10. Mycelium bitcoin wallet

These are some of the trustworthy and easy-to-use bitcoin wallets. You must already have heard of them or seen someone use them. 

Let’s discuss a few of these wallets a bit in detail: 

  1. LEDGER: 

It has cold storage, meaning it provides you with extremely secure offline storage. Ledger also supports multiple cryptocurrencies. The mobile version of the ledger includes Bluetooth. 

It is a hardware wallet and connects to your phone or computer to hold and use your digital currency. 

It is a durable device. With the ledger live software, you can also check your balance and/or receive or send digital currencies.

  • SoFi : 

It is considered to be the best wallet for individuals who are just starting with bitcoins or cryptocurrency overall. 

It’s easy to get started here and manage investments with one account. It also provides many financial tools for its users to utilize. You need to note that SoFi is a financial company that offers personal and student loans, credit cards, and other financial products.

However, SoFi investment allows you to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. 

It charges 1.25% of the transaction from the users, as a markup. It currently supports only 28 cryptocurrencies. 

It is not good for sending to or receiving funds from other wallets. This is why this platform is recommended for people who are new in the field of cryptocurrency.

Note: Hire Hyperledger developer for your Blockchain projects from unremot.

  • TREZOR: 

This is a secure device and offers multi-factor authentication and supports over 1500 digital coins.

It is a device that holds or stores your digital currency offline.

It is required to plug into your phone or your laptop. There’s a small screen that you can use to manage your connection securely. 

You need to be extremely careful with this device because at all times you need to remember your recovery pin or information to connect to it. Or you can bid farewell to your bitcoins.


It is considered to be the easiest bitcoin wallet to use. You can easily sell, buy or store your digital money. 

If you want to start trading, this wallet helps you. this is a great wallet.

This would make you feel like trading crypto like you trade your stocks through a brokerage account.

It supports 100 cryptocurrencies for users to trade in. 

It also provides you with the feature of CoinBase Earn, where you earn free cryptocurrencies, against watching videos and taking quizzes.

  • EXODUS: 

It is a software wallet that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. It is installed on your computer or desktop. It has a mobile app version too.

It provides many investors-focused tools in its user’s hands and also uses an attractive interface. 

It is integrated with the Trezor wallet and turns your digital currency into a portfolio like charts and graphs of your transactions and storage.

You need not set up an account, so all your digital currency and wallet are restricted to you. 

Also, it gives you access to your private keys, making you the owner of your bitcoins. 

You must ensure making a backup of the key to keep them safe in case your device is stolen, damaged, or dead. These are some easy-to-use bitcoin wallets. If you’re a beginner you have something to take away from here. If you’re a pro, you’ve something to take away from here.


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