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EarnViews: Tips To Turn A Photo Into Reel On Instagram

Nowadays, all social media platforms are updated with the help of technology. Likewise, Instagram has also announced that anyone can turn public photos into a reel. So, it provides you a chance to remix public photos into reels. You can know the details of turning an image into a reel on Instagram; you can utilize this article and the steps mentioned to turn a pic into a reel.

Understand Reels

A reel is a feature of Instagram that allows you to create 15 seconds video clips and share them to feed and stories. A feed is a space on Instagram that displays the videos you post, whereas a story is a feature, and you can show real-time events. You can also get more views when you share your reels to a story and your feed. Additionally, you can choose to buy instagram story views to escalate your profile’s presence. Moreover, you should focus on understanding the reels feature of Instagram by learning about its usage. Instagram also has its reel page to explore them more.

Steps To Turn Photo Into Reel

There are specific steps that you have to follow to turn a public photo into a reel, and they are:

  • You can ensure that you have updated your Instagram account to the latest version.
  • Open Your Instagram app on your mobile.
  • Go to the ‘reels’ tab for creating a new reel and select the camera icon.
  • Next, choose an image by selecting the ‘gallery’ icon at the bottom left corner or swipe up on the screen.
  • To add photos from a specific album, tap the dropdown menu at the corner.
  • When you tap on the folder, you can add the photo you want to make a reel.
  • Next, choose the time duration for that particular photo to appear as a reel. To do so, reduce the visible time by dragging the sides of the sliders.
  • Select the ‘add’ button to include the pic for your reel.
  • Tap the ‘preview’ button.

Now your reel is ready, and you can share your reel to feed and stories to make the users watch them. Therefore you can use these steps to make a reel by adding a photo. You can even add music to your reel and make users watch your reels more.

Utilize Tools

TikTok offers many tools to make your reel appear more attractive to the audience. So, you can use them as a part of your reel. They are:

  • AR Effects:

You can select many effects from the effect gallery created by many creators present all over the world. Therefore, you can use AR effects to make your reel attractive.

  • Audio:

You can choose a song/music from the Instagram music library or use your original audio by recording a reel. Also, remember that when you post a reel with your original sound, all other users can use the audio from your reel.

  • Speed:

You can raise and reduce the speed of the reel video. For instance, you can down the speed and create a slow-motion video.

  • Filters:

Filters can be added to your reel on Instagram to make them more impressive to users who see them. So, filters can help you get more views and likes from the audience. You can also opt to buy instagram impressions to elevate your post’s visibility.

Tag People

You can also even tag your friends and family members to make your reel reach more audience. To do so, you can select ‘tag people’ and mention the people you want to share with. You can tag people mainly to increase your post reach. Once your post gets started to share by users, then your reel video can have a chance to become viral and will further boost your presence. So, you can tag more users when you post a reel.

Maintain Consistency

Are you trying to get famous by posting reels on Instagram? If the answer is yes, you should maintain the frequency of posting videos. You should also be very keen on maintaining the schedule. For instance, you can create reels using a celebrity pic in your reel and add trending music. Later, you can edit them with available tools and post them from your account. If you do so, you can reach more audiences. You can also use EarnViews to increase your popularity and get engagement better.

Last Notes

Instagram is a social media platform to connect with your users, so create your reels and be a part of the new running world of technology. Also, use different tools to make your video look more attractive and impressive to users. You can also tag people to enhance your reach among more audiences. If you follow these, you can easily get fame and support from many users. Moreover, you can also earn money when your users support you a lot. So, post reels from your account to become famous.


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