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Dresses trends becoming fashionable as 2021 comes to an end

Each year, we witness fashion dresses trends come to an end and coming back. 2021 saw many comebacks as men’s fashion trends from the 1980s and 90s were trending again. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and changing and fashion-conscious people are curious by what 2020 holds for us.

Pakistani and Indian clothing are similar because of the common cultural values between the two nations. That’s why the hottest styles are practically identical across these countries, as well as Indian and Pakistanis who live all over the globe. In this post, I’ll describe various style of Asian Dresses trends becoming fashionable as 2021 comes to an end. It is possible to say that these fashions could be the most popular Eastern trends to be observed this year. Let’s look at what the discussion is about.

Medium length shirt with cigarettes pants

The trend in Pakistani salwar kameez  with pants and trousers remains green forever, each year we witness a variation of it gain more popularity. 2022 may be the year for medium-length shirts with cigarettes pants. The shirts can be altered by altering the design of the sleeves, or using different fabrics and so on. Cigarette pants tend to be elegantly tailored and you can embellish them with buttons or laces to add their appeal. It is easy to find these kinds of clothing in the East however if you live in a place like the UK or in Europe there could be some difficulties. However , brands like Libas e Jamila have come in to help you get your favorite Asian Dresses fashion in the UK at the comfort of your home.

Ankle-long kurti with cigarettes pants

One trend which is moving back from the fashion scene is the ankle-length Kurti. Long kurtis became a fashion just a few years ago, but the trend waned as time went. This year , we’re seeing a lot of young women wearing long kurtis, either with tights or cigarettes pants. This type of outfit makes a statement all its own, and doesn’t require many accessory to look more attractive.

Statement dupatta

This trend is now my personal favourite among all. It’s impossible to go wrong when you wear an eye-catching dupatta with a basic dress. There are a myriad of options available when designing your statement dupatta. You can opt for an all thread-embroidered design or the mirror, can be a gota look and many more. Wear this dupatta in conjunction and a matching different dress and you’ll be the ultimate in elegance. You can choose to wear an unadorned dress, or one that has little or no embroidery of work. Whatever you choose the dupatta will be the center of attention and make you the main attraction of the party. You can purchase these dupattas at every Pakistani and Indian clothing shop, or make them yourself.

Sequins and Can-cans

For a while sequins were viewed as out of fashion and considered ‘old’. But not anymore! Over the past few years, a lot of designers have been working on the idea to bring back the gorgeous style of sequins. You can find shirts or dupattas that are covered in beads and sequins that give the appearance of a stunning appearance and makes them ideal for special occasions and parties.

Another dresses trend that has been accompanied by sequins since their return are the can-can. While it was extremely popular back to the end of 18 century, century, the gorgeous piece of fashion lost its appeal as time passed, only to come to prominence a few years in the past. Today, it’s the same as it was when it first came out. The sexy wedding and party dress need the can-can to be displayed in its full beauty.


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