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Door Access Control System- An Overall Guide

A door access control system is a digital security platform to ensure safety while providing authorized access to your home or office. Only authorized personnel that you identify are allowed to enter while keeping the others out. This is a great way to ensure security of you and your family or and avoid any incidents of vandalism, trespassing and other criminal activities. 

Theses door access control systems are a modernized versions of the old and traditional locks with a higher protection guarantee. In addition, they use technology, so the efficiency rate is high.

Door access control systems are cost-efficient and compact. The procedure to use it is straightforward and easy to understand. The installation process is also very basic, so it can be done in no time. It is a common type of access control system and used mainly at airports, data centers, corporate offices, and defense. This may be used in a residential area depending upon the importance given to security and the nature and size of the space. 

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They are administered in a central location, and an administrator allows access to a person only when they are identified through the software. People are registered into the access control system and after identification, they are allowed in the building. These systems come with an option to add or remove people as and when required.

Single Door Systems or Multi-Door Systems:

Many companies have multi-level buildings operating out of more than 1 floor, so these door access control systems can be utilized on several doors to maintain the security at once. You need to keep spaces in mind where security needs to be the best due to its importance and where a simple lock and key system could do the job. But expansion in the case of single door systems might become challenging due to the existing settings. 

Single door access control systems turn out to be more cost-effective but, in the long run, become an obstacle because they do not support future expansion. In contrast, multi-door systems can be fixed in all required places at once, so there is always uniform monitoring. Multi door access control systems cost more than single door access system.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Door Access Control System?

  • Digital:

The use and involvement of technology in security helps companies to have a greater assurance about the protection of every single person working in the premises, so businesses are choosing to go digital when opting for security systems. Digital door access control systems are making lives of corporate companies a lot easier because using the software, and monitoring is done remotely, so manual efforts aren’t required.

  • More Effective:

Lock system of the door access control systems are more secure as compared to traditional protection systems. You can choose between electric, magnetic, or other available options. It is a great way to identify the people without having to expose yourself to prospective danger. Additional benefits include the availability of video surveillance.

  • Convenient:

The functioning of door access control systems is a lot easier than it might seem. The installation procedure and usage require no prior knowledge and can be done by anybody by just following the directions mentioned in the manual, so it also helps in saving on the cost for installation.

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Entry Options: 

  • Keypads- This is a fundamental option and is used by a majority. Users need to enter a passcode to unlock the door.
  • Intercom Systems: This includes a combination of communication through audio and keypad. In addition, it acts as an additional form of security by obliging users to enter a password and confirm authorized access.
  • Biometric Readers: This mechanism is used to scan the fingerprint, face or palm print of users to allow access. They are recognized as the most secure forms of door access control systems because every fingerprint is different, so it cannot be mistaken for someone else’s.


With this article we have bought to you the basic things that you should be aware about when it comes to door access control systems. Look for a reputed company to install the access system for your home or office.


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